Some misunderstandings about Baidu promotion


Hello, rookie webmaster 77 film and television network to write original ~~


yesterday saw someone sent a post asked Baidu promotion bidding ranking problems, see the following many replies, do not know is mixed reply or not too understand, many views are wrong.

happened to be working at a Baidu based Baidu agency across the province. The most popular contact with Baidu was the bidding system and the new phoenix nest system.

The original article is

so today to talk to you about the promotion of Baidu ~ ~ because the company has internal information and data is leaked, so many problems can go beyond that, only their own understanding. Actually, you know…

every SEOER, whether you need it now or not, you have to know about it, or it must be your loss, maybe not in the future!


, first of all, correct a few of the common misconceptions about Baidu’s promotion:

1     keywords bidding ranking

since Baidu phoenix nest start line Baidu PPC was renamed Baidu promotion, ranking mechanism from purely price decision into quality and bid jointly decided, this is the reason why I have not called Baidu bidding, specific changes are not only of a reference parameter, quality. But the overall ranking system has changed! I have to point out a few key points, you will know what happened.

1, the industry bid changed from transparency to confidentiality. Can also take a simple explanation to the dark film, such as A, B before the two clients, A B, is knowing each other’s specific bids, so only the "bidding" ranking said, after the revision of all bids only their customers know, peers do not know, only by modifying the bid but to test! Due to the quality of the test that the success rate is very small, or large error


2, quality. This has been around that for a long time, what is the quality of it, the quality is decided by the search volume, click rate, correlation, accounts of historical performance, which also includes the website such as bounce rate and so on, the quality is divided into 1-3 stars. 3 for the full. Quality directly affects bids and rankings, and even affects your conversion rate into single rate,

3, phoenix nest ranking system. At present, the promotion ranking algorithm is determined by the 4 parameters, namely, its own bid, its own quality, the price of the next house and the quality of the house, which can not be revealed because of the leak problem.

integrated above points, we should have a general understanding, and now is not your money out on the row of the better, of course, generally 2, 3 yuan, you 10 out of the big grievances are not counted. Because even if you put out 100 bucks and combine the other 3 parameters, you’ll go through the formula

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