Stationmaster wants to learn acting agent to make bid

competition can be replicated? Of course not, although the network before the two stage can be replicated, but not absolute, such as pan Wang Hu master, their promotion through bidding, is abnormal hot, later through television promotion, more fire. We want to replicate their successful model is to earn money, but not copy, because of their success, but the key is they have a pot, kind, and we did not do the bidding, on the network, but also do quite well, largely by the advantages of the product itself, such as MAX-MAN. This is the auction sales of the top three network products on the Internet, we want to replicate their success, they can grasp the initiative, we don’t copy, why, because we do not have the product.

some time ago, there is a mobile phone manufacturer CECT OEM production of a large volume version of the mobile phone business, is large, very much, in the online sales price is 900 yuan, cash on delivery, I have friends bought a mobile phone, charging light, give a person the feeling that this mobile phone at least to the value of 5000 yuan, with a very stylish, the mobile phone does not go Taobao shop, mainly go for promotion, because Taobao has a convenient delivery, go to return, at the same time, the process of trouble, mobile phone supplier network promotion through the auction, every day a large number of business volume, even if we are know they are profitable, but to imitate and surpass them, the difficulty is great, because even OEM processing, at present can be processed, they may also be a just, because they are Imitation of a foreign mobile phone brand, there is no cell phone procedures, so you can only use the network to promote, if you go to Taobao, there are people will check tax evasion.

Xi’an has a friend, and to talk about cooperation, Xi’an is the friend there responsible for promotion advertising pages in the network, then the Commission, they are given the price is 550 yuan a mobile phone, but only on the network, mainly mobile phone manufacturers to avoid the risk of settlement, delivery, unified by the consignor manufacturers.


friends on the copy of their advertising pages, then every day a lot of advertising, the use of price promotion, then put the order information submitted to the manufacturers, the manufacturers to be shipped by cash on delivery logistics, after three days of feedback from the actual service transaction data, the manufacturers to Xi’an over the settlement.

partners include MAX-MAN, including alcohol and tobacco, these are all have their own brand products on the network, if only by copying, imitation is difficult to compete with the rival, so, not to cooperate with them, by their delivery, we simply go to publicity, this is also a good cooperation model.

of the Tsinghua University and other prestigious universities, have EMBA training, the training is largely rely on advertising for publicity, the bidding advertising, even if we copy, we also can not succeed, because.

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