Taobao zern off contest broadcast events some emerging some ready to catch up

by CEEN to Admin5 zern station network jointly organized 2011CEEN zern · world famous shoes Taobao customers to promote competition "( has been in the past two weeks, we see the majority of participating friends have already entered a promotion of competitive state! Million bonus to win


since the start of Taobao passenger "rivka1016" and "009842abc", the two friends have had a single day turnover of two good results, including a "009842abc" also won the high commission 115.45 yuan, sold shoes [] is black currant series "Bowen" business casual shoes, is zern the new fall, performance is very brisk! In addition to the Taobao customer "Sundiro Honda genuine store also hit a record high of 115.8 yuan, the Commission is currently sold, shoes are [Wrangler] series" off-road "dress shoes, the same is zern of the new season, the new season seems very hot


last week, after a number of new entrants, we also saw a new list on the list. Taobao guest "Apple 88 dollars" in the last week took the gun head award, entered a low-key mode, we expect he will have the new performance! (please "Apple 88 dollars" as soon as possible to contact the organizers for communication matters)

remind you, this competition set up an award "outstanding creative Award", is based on Taobao’s promotion means comprehensive evaluation, including activity strategy, page design, promotion effect, etc.. Rewards three friends, can obtain 200 QB or 200 yuan bill, therefore participates in this appraisal competition the friend to be sure to contact QQ1597389813.

also "one share award" the enthusiasm is not high, only some Taobao customers share their zern promotion experience. This award is that during the event participants share promotion experience in A5 on the plate, the content is outstanding person can win, every month five, each reward 50 yuan bill! (document title format: [] + zern promote sharing the title)

[Mr. policy] has something to say,

(invited our professional judge, Mr. policy, commented on the performance of the contestants in the past week.


is a week of review time, recently I heard a lot of problems should be our psychological problems, that is, "confidence" problem. Well, let me say four things about that.

first: we can Baidu, stand, or direct group of Baidu’s bidding, competition is very fierce, very cruel. I do not know Taobao zern shoes shoes off how many people love Ma, or idolise him or hate him. Anyhow, Taobao guest is because of Taobao net, Taobao is born because of Ma yun. >

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