Development of CMS system and enterprise website system software

station Miaochuang network ( and experience with enterprise management system and CMS system a lot, I have a good idea of their own for the development of station system, up to now have not found the set of station system, I put myself to write down the idea, hope to discuss with the station system developers.

The design of

station system should not be directed towards end-users, but should be geared to companies and individuals engaged in building services.

many developers of Web site systems are oriented to end-user development and promotion, but I don’t think so.

because the terminal users really as impossible to concentrate on the website of the production, what they need is a website design and promotion personnel services, rather than their own hands-on editor, finishing template. Find yourself terminal station system is generally not the potential consumers, the real end users as he would rather spend more money is not willing to waste too much time in exploring the system, that will make him lose more. Besides, how many end users directly find system developers? In my experience, most of the end users are developers of the website construction company. The user who earns money and who wants to make other people’s money is not afraid of making their own money through professional services. You know, no matter how you build system design humanization, using its independent site is a professional – professional website, this is not the end user, company or person in this work must be engaged in the construction site to complete. End users have their own majors, and he must know that professionalism and concentration are the key to any industry’s success. So my first idea is that the design of site building system should be for the company or individual engaged in the website construction.

two, establish the concept of building block system. Site should be located in a portfolio site, site should be as easy as building blocks.

A good

station system, website construction company should not be too much by modify the program to meet the needs of end users, this is a waste of time, a good management system should be able to play the hook through the option of the website construction company to help the user terminal combination he needs, do should let in combination of website, website should be as easy as a combination of building blocks. The idea of this building block website comes from the concept of website model proposed by the developer on the left bank of the actcms content management system ( The main work of system developers should be to develop new functional modules, and to realize the installation and combination of options by users.

three, style and procedures to be separated, the site system template should be able to change at any time, website users often need to change clothes website (update website interface).

only style and program separation, in order to create this system template development industry, in order to make the site system interface is very beautiful and easy to change. To >

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