Elementary introduction to the classical method and procedure of writing soft text

soft Wen promotion site, its low cost, good effect, by the majority of webmaster like. Now the soft text is full of the big portal, web site, regular web site for soft Wen requirements are relatively strict. The development of soft Wen, helped a batch of batch of new websites obtain corresponding repayment.

however, why some soft Wen promotion effect doubled, while others are counterproductive? A good article, high quality content, with effective communication, this is the reason why the soft Wen promotion effect opposite! I am going to below, network soft alsosimple analysis:

first, adapt to the requirements of Internet users, streamline the text

may be a long and minute statement can better expound your point of view, perhaps more carefully you write, however, dense text, is a painful thing to point users reading habits. When the customer points to your website, printed into the eyes of a long article, but will allow customers to give up reading away.

, many copywriter wrongly believe that the network advantage is the size of the content is unlimited, the more detailed explanation, the more obvious effect. But in fact, although the network without the limitation of the traditional media space, but the information capacity of customers is insurmountable boundaries, the soft scale should not be reflected in a single article, but should reflect the overall number of. In fact, you can also use the paging function of the program to page an article, which is easy for readers to read. At the same time, it is important to guide readers and establish the friendliness of readers and articles at different levels.

In the "

network soft" written, concise and comprehensive, to small, let readers quickly understand the content. Articles that are difficult to describe in short text can divide the whole content in a reasonable way, divide them into small articles or small paragraphs, and make them clear and closely linked.

second, the use of network hot text, borrow things on the matter,

focus, the topic is that the Internet is not missing, the network in an endless stream. All kinds of unexpected events, social events, legal focus frequently exposed in the network, and each network will always help speculators a new generation of "Sister Lotus" pushed down the altar of slobber. Soft network should also borrow things, because of potential usury, keen to find opportunities to borrow, to fully tap the entry point of the appropriate, their products or brand, cleverly combined in. But note that the network event always is non controversial, the wrong team, reversed position may become a target for all, half.

third, intuitive to promote

network news has already entered the era of reading pictures, even in the video age, illustrated with the soft text, in combination with pictures and text form to convey the relevant information. The cartoon pictures or the number of picture story form, can also be full of visual impact with exaggerated images, can even use "surrealism" representation of image effects, in order to attract consumers.

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