Enterprise network marketing second steps target audience analysis and lock

The microscopic essence of

network marketing is the process of realizing the audience’s attention, interest, desire and action through exposure, interaction, experience and influence. Finding and identifying the marketing target is the basic condition of network marketing. In the enterprise network marketing needs analysis stage, part of the analysis is aimed at the enterprise’s customers and potential customers, and this part is also the basis for analyzing and locking the target audience of the network marketing.

analyzes and locks the target audience in two dimensions:

first, from shallow to deep dimensions,

first analyzes some superficial and simple audience attributes, such as age, region, gender, class, profession and so on.

over attributes, such as hobbies, behavioral preferences, consumer decisions, value propositions, etc..

second, there is a monomer to circle

after each audience attribute analysis is completed, and then aggregated. The analysis locks the convergence of the target audience in real life and online life, such as a restaurant that some of the audience loves to visit, and some of whom often visit a forum or SNS site.

generally speaking, analyzing and locking the target audience is to find the target audience, often infested and aggregated network platform, to find the language and conformity within their circle, mixed with them, exert influence.

Analysis of

and lock the target audience for advertising strategy, event planning theme, marketing methods plays a very important role, is the target position, determines the direction of the arrow bow power.

at present, traditional advertising and marketing methods began to failure and hesitate to move forward, interactive marketing, word-of-mouth marketing is more and more popular and significant effect. The basis of this change is actually based on the in-depth analysis and attention to the target audience. Target audience analysis and locking in the role of network marketing, it is self-evident.

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