Know about CEO week source like management city, build network community

know about CEO week source: like management city, build network community

knows it’s an online question and answer community with powerful content production capabilities. At the end of 2015, its number of users is expected to reach 50 million people. In addition to participating in questions and responses, you can publish your first book here, find a new job, or form an entrepreneurial team……

reporter | Li Xiang Wang Shanshan photography | Wang pan

"financial world" weekly =EW

week source =ZY

EW: have you read any good books about Entrepreneurship recently?


ZY: I think "from 0 to 1" and "difficult" are very good, they are with the past that traditional teaching materials about entrepreneurship is not the same, not only to share success stories. These are also due to the beginning of this group began to become larger, everyone becomes more problems, and then will produce a book.

EW: which of these two books do you like better,


ZY: second ben. "From 0 to 1" is more like open a view to you, share some ideas on things, and "difficult" is about entrepreneurship methodology analysis of the bottom — when you encounter this problem how to do, I looked after feel empathy. In different stages, difficult things will not be the same, it is a process. Many entrepreneurs will have a similar experience with me, you don’t think early environment is difficult, and will think they have a problem, that is because of their lack of effort, a method is not found, it will become like this. It’s a big challenge for me personally, for example, for the management of the team.

EW: do you think it’s almost a process from 0 to 1, or is it from 1 to N?

ZY: knowing is definitely a process from 0 to 1. When we first started thinking about it, we talked to a lot of friends. We were very unhappy. There were a lot of pessimistic views. Until they came to the end of the line, they became users. You know, it’s not like that. You start with a big piece of land and say, "you just have to plant trees in it, and it’s going to be a forest.". The beginning of knowledge is equivalent to starting from a very small plot of land, from planting only one tree, and then growing it into a field where more plants can be planted, and then planting second trees…… To sum up, it is such an engineering.

EW: How did you manage the "

" as CEO?

ZY: for CEO, one of the tasks is to clear your business direction: what are you going to do, the second is to see your team is not a great growth, very cohesive and very sense of team work, the third is to see that you are not able to find enough money. The first two are very important things. I find it difficult

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