Climbing trees, good shade, national attention to key support industry station

The website

industry in general is not easy to do it, need to input standing far more than the general waste, but the industry website to do after the return is very ideal, so some people or are considering or do industry website.

do industry website starts at the server, will consider the general procedure, choice of industry, industry category, select the site selection of main columns on these efforts, one less, is the foundation, if we are willing to discuss the industry station aspects of the topic, I will take the time to write. What we are going to talk about today is what you are doing. After you have done the work above, you have an important job after a certain amount of content and scale.

above work, in fact, some are to have a certain amount of expenses, personal Adsense do station, general expenses more nervous, want to put an industry website grind down, no money, no!


industry website choice, industry owners will choose: familiar with their own local pillar industries, and that they believe that the development of the industry, the most fire industry, the state focused on supporting the industry. Among them, the hottest is the most difficult to do, because too many people, the general companies are doing, and they win the opportunity is very small.

selection is now a national attention to the key construction industry: animal husbandry and aquaculture industry, we can look at my station: in animal husbandry and aquaculture network, the national attention and support, of course, other countries also have industry support, I just mention one example.

choose a good industry and do some time to enrich your content, you can go to the local bureau of information industry, contact them (I do stand for many years also did not expect, then people see my station take the initiative to found that if early find have propped up, one is to talk about you) in the local industry has no relevant construction funds, there is no related activities, different industry projects are not the same, usually, my first in animal husbandry and aquaculture network is a province’s agricultural activities, the province’s top ten, each one hundred thousand yuan reward, but in many websites in animal husbandry and Aquaculture Network was selected, then there are a variety of activities and selection, are very smooth, one is to choose the industry website to two, is to do the preparatory work site, do industry website is different from the waste site, to More from the industry audience experience, of course, I have many stations to improve the place, 09 years, we will make big adjustments. Everybody learns my train of thought, not learn my website, ha ha.

also want to explain, first, looking for departments to look for government departments, learn more about political economy, ha ha, said a little big, that is, to improve interpersonal relations;

two is your station to do, you can see in the past, or find no use;

three is to participate in activities, to participate in formal government departments activities, to put it bluntly, the money selection activities do not go, give us the money to participate, such as >

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