Elementary introduction to the operation condition and restriction factors of small game station in

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Flash Games is still very strong. Especially for primary and secondary school students, there are some students and office workers who do not have much time to play big games. As a way of relaxing leisure, the attraction is very big. According to iResearch statistics, the domestic flash game user base of more than 60 million, you can say that most of the Internet users have played a small game experience.

flash but the game also has its shortcomings, that is it relatively simple, not as large and medium-sized games like through cards and props to charge users to play games, is never free. In this case, the small game site can only rely on advertising to survive. Google, Adsense, Baidu alliance, and other advertising alliances have become a major source of revenue for small game stations. 2009, what mobile art signature ah, web games, pop ads ah, put on more, some friends say a day IP2 million station, a day can also earn several hundred dollars, feeling good. Domestic small game station boss 4399, is simply open the new webgame channel, trying to flash small game users into web game users, judging from the new server, monthly income reached one million.

in fact, running small game station for a long time people know, although flash small game content viscosity good, extended to thousands of IP is not very difficult, but finally truly profit, there is a need to consider the problem of cost. Because once the number of users, the server and bandwidth pressure is not small. A game flash file, usually hundreds of K or even a few M, when users browse the web, it is equivalent to download these files. 1000 people online at the same time, basically equivalent to hundreds of people while downloading files. So, with a small game station, you might soon find that the 100M bandwidth isn’t anything at all, and you’ll find yourself paying more than half of your hard earned revenue to the IDC provider. It can be said that this is also one of the major reasons that restrict the vast majority of flash small game websites to be bigger and stronger.

also did the game station friends should remember, but hard to do page, write procedures, content acquisition, Forum promotion, SEO and so on, but also to cope with the hateful trojan virus even unwarranted hacker attacks, and finally earn a little money, can really say is hard-earned money, dead tired. Of course, personal webmaster Road, has always been difficult and long, we can also say that this process is very exercise people.

but, personal Adsense such development path, perhaps is not worth us to continue to carry forward. While discussing the history of human social development, Marx once pointed out that social division of labor is an important factor in historical progress.

yes, personal website operation, but also can further deepen and division of labor. For example, the author found that there are special web sites to provide high-quality flash game content templates, so that web content construction can be >

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