2014, from the media will fire, how to build a successful Taobao customers from the media

from the media, is the web2.0~web3.0 standard, the user is now from "reading" to "write" transformation, transformation from the contents of the reader to read the publisher, build from the media is to enhance one of the influential methods then, how to create media success? Always think Huo, need to pay attention to the following points:

content source


first of all, from the media, the most important is the content, if your content for all or most of the network reproduced, so that the platform could not be called "media", it is self-evident, since the media, at least to show a "self", if the content did not have their own uniqueness so, this certainly belongs to the media from the media is not qualified.

media value

, no matter what platform it is, needs to have its own value. The platform should be able to meet a certain kind of person or a certain kind of needs, and should have a detailed solution.

users for you what to eat today and yesterday drank what does not care about the user’s attention is what can you provide, what can bring value to the user, so, since the media blog, do not suggest there is no value, no sense of life, especially in the media since the new period, to provide the value of user content, remember: since the media blog is not your diary, your life can not appear in.

again, if you don’t have enough strong ability, do not blindly build "from the media big and complete", large and comprehensive platform, is large and all traffic sources, for individuals, and will inevitably be very rough, there will be inevitable omissions, like most people do not have the ability to create the portal, should have a clear understanding of their ability.

ordinary people, from the media, fine and thin, to achieve the ultimate, is king. If possible, then expand, but in the early, as far as possible subdivision, if the starting difficulties, the future development of the difficulty naturally speaks for itself.

user requirements


user needs, in essence, should be placed in the front, if carefully, we also need some simple research, first of all, we need to understand the needs of users, and then according to their ability to meet the needs of users.

here, a friend might ask the user, no room no car no wife, don’t we also can help solve the cooked? Not to help the user to buy a car to marry a wife! Indeed, the direct economic value, we are not able to provide users with, but we can think that users pointing Jiangshan, tell them how to to be able to have a house and a car daughter-in-law ", this is a self media, think of the story, Jack, this model is not


again, our media can also provide a range of professional knowledge solution >