How to use SEO advantage to promote your website

how to use the advantages of SEO to promote their own websites? We all know, especially the webmaster friends, no matter you are selling products website, industry website, blog or corporate website, generally speaking to make it bigger and stronger, in addition to their own quality and many factors such as reputation. Also need is propaganda. In some large commodity trading platform’s reputation has been great. But it is still not enough. Further analysis, how to publicize or lesser known website? To e-commerce platform in the famous have started their own brand reputation is a very difficult thing, because it is not a short duration of time to solve things can how to do this, need to post publicity is particularly important, it is natural to say SEO.

in simple terms, when searching for a word through a search engine, the search engine lists a list of the sites and is divided into the first page and the second page. SEO the better the optimization, the more information on the web front. When the search is complete, most of the users will click on the first site, and then click second of them. One more click on the third, and so on, and the more you rank, the bigger the flow, the more potential users.

What are the advantages of

1 and SEO

sometimes a lot of C2C platform, in order to put an end to bad business fraud and shielding Baidu search, other search is not affected. That is to say, when a user searches for a commodity through Baidu, no information about the C2C platform will appear. As a result, Internet users through Baidu search commodity will flow into other related online shopping platform. So invisible, potential users lost a lot, can only expect their own platform users to bring their own sales. In order to save this part of the missing users and increase sales, we have to take other measures to pull back the lost traffic for ourselves.

so far, most of the civil China network search engine is still Baidu, although the C2C platform is not displayed in the Baidu search, but the extension behavior of what they do will appear in every corner of the network, such as the establishment of a special "baby milk powder, blog or site, then this keywords optimization to Baidu home page ranking place by means of SEO, when the user through the search engine search". The baby milk powder, blog or website will appear in the first place, the user clicks into, you will find that the blog or website home page banner is a big Taobao promotion advertising, you can see the "baby milk powder. Suitable biography ad clicks will enter this platform. This will greatly increase the flow of platform stores. With stable customers coming, turnover will naturally increase gradually.

2, SEO

for personal websites

this is a very professional problem, just contact Internet users certainly do not understand. The price of the SEO team is also high, so it’s only through your own efforts and a few more practical approaches.