Correctly positioning the meaning of enterprise website revision

in the information age, the website construction enterprises more and more attention, this is mainly to see many enterprises every year on their own business website revision, which indicates that the enterprise has his own website into a task in the enterprise operation to complete. But what is the real meaning of the enterprise revision? I really haven’t met one for the purpose of network marketing.

take a look at today’s company to get an enterprise website revision project, first look at the user’s website revision requirements:

is original and creative, and stands out in the same industry.

1, humane, considerate customer needs.

2, page design exquisite atmosphere, so simple and not simple.

4, keep the page simple, lively and integrated with the corporate image, focus on the details.

this revision requirements basically represent some of the current enterprise revision website trends, their revision significance mainly reflects the company’s image problem. In fact, this is for an enterprise to pay attention to their image in the Internet, understandable.

today we want to emphasize is Jean linkpower network in some enterprise website construction or revision, I have not met a user requirement is mentioned platform construction site should be suitable for the requirements of network marketing, this really makes me feel depressed.

is the ignorance of enterprise users, or the service of network service is not in place?. We have the idea that Jean want the real meaning of enterprise website construction should be for business services, network marketing through the enterprise website of this platform, but there are a few such enterprises are such that the? This article by & Yang Zhenqiu from Liaocheng Nirvana; finishing network company, Jean imagination official website, reproduced indicate the source and the author, thank you.