Base price inferior website – the customer can not say the pain

in a previous article "web design designer prices – never mind the pain" I talked about web design peer competition factors leading to low price, then also talk about why customers will choose to know the quality inferior website design was inferior to /p>? "

experience in this industry for more than 10 years, had contact with my clients (especially do not understand the Internet customers) quite a part of that: as long as the Photoshop is to design, dreamwork is a web page. You can also see more details in the web design price – the constant pain in the designer’s heart.

these customers design web sites often because they see peer competitors have websites, so they also need to do one. And the industry’s first rival than customers, the company may not be realistic, but much simpler than the site, and the cost is not high. The customer usually find a few yourself love the site grab a screen rigged, and then paste the text into the page just. Unless the site is revised again, the basic maintenance will be saved. The design requirements are simple: simple, atmospheric and modern… It can be said that almost all customers share the same requirements. Well, in this case, as designers, they should tap into these needs rather than assume the client’s thoughts. The discussion on these topics can be seen in more detail about understanding customer needs – – letting customers spend more money on your web design services.

Why do

customers tend to choose the worst priced sites,


began to want to do web site customers do not know what kind of Web site they want. If you don’t know what you want to do, how will he choose it: A., low price, B., high price?. After listening to a few website production company after the introduction of the loss as if it were raining flowers, natural selection is the customer price. The reason is simple, first, because the boss likes to spend less money, and secondly, low prices also means the loss of the cost of doing the wrong thing. As we all know: high prices may buy inferior products, but low prices can not buy high-quality products. And had the similar experience, customers will feel the site just so so, so the next website is the price of an identical nature and design. This creates a vicious cycle of bad bottom price – inferior quality – inferior. Here, let’s say those companies that set up prices to help clients design websites: they let customers start thinking about building a website, and they make customer habits and cheap, shoddy designs.

so, do customers really like cheap, bad websites,


everyone has the experience of shopping online, regardless of what to buy, naturally look at the lowest price, but most people only choose to evaluate the good, the price is moderate sellers to trade. Website design is the same, not customers like the bad price of the site, in fact, is looking for a more cost-effective website design company, that is: design quality / price. But how can you find one on the vast network?