Huang Jiali, China’s e-commerce now and in the future

good afternoon, everyone. I am very glad to have the opportunity to take part in such a salon, and I will join you to discuss the current situation and future trends of China’s e-commerce. Today, there are four main parts for sharing.

1. History and current situation of China’s e-commerce development

first of all, look at the prospects for the development of e-commerce in china. Here I use such a map of the flags fluttering to introduce the history and current situation of development of electronic commerce.


from 1998 8848, Alibaba website appearance, to 2001 or so, due to the influence of the Internet bubble, many e-commerce websites closed down. In 2003, SARS catalyzed the development of online shopping market, and China’s e-commerce market began to recover. Since 2003 we see is an innovation and development of a vibrant and exciting market, including the production of many new models, many electronic commerce related capital operation has been the emergence of many large vertical category sites are emerging. Ari in 2007 the entire online shopping market size data show that reach 56 billion 100 million, which is a very large data, an increase of 84%. You can see how attractive growth is.

China e-commerce market structure B2B, C2C, B2C, over a period of time we to the electronic commerce facilities to do a lot of work, including infrastructure, service system, policies and regulations, but it is worth mentioning that we are more based on doing some efforts, and try to improve, including our how to make us more abundant information, including the trading system more simple, more secure payment including how to trust. In the future, we need to further improve the service system, how to establish an efficient logistics system, and how to improve after-sales service and security system. In terms of policies and regulations, both regulatory agencies and operating companies are doing some push, but in this regard, how to make our policies and regulations have better integrity, how to more synergistic. Including July this year, just introduced new regulations online shopping, we are more about the feasibility of the problem. The three platform has a lot of typical enterprise industry I think all have some understanding of C2C platform, such as Taobao, eBay, B2B pat; typical enterprises including Alibaba, global resources, HC; B2C website, in addition to the old Dangdang, excellence, now there are many vertical websites. For example, such as IT digital clothing, maternal and child class website, these websites showing a very healthy development.

further look at the competitive situation in China’s e-commerce market. Let’s review some data. This is the latest data of China’s e-commerce in the second quarter of 2008.


B2B Alibaba market share of more than 50%. C2C Ali Taobao occupy >

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