How to be a good guest

I joined

last month the guest team, believe that this platform is mainly busy has experienced many setbacks now talk about a bit experience and feeling of a month, hoping to communicate with the Tao and progress.

big guest: what do you mean?

is helping others to sell things people. After all, the equivalent of the reality of the salesman. Help others sell things. How to be a good guest


I think there is no difference between what in online and in the reality. The basic criterion must comply with the man. Now there have been many Tao. This is not to say that is not a good phenomenon. At least I also learned a lot of things, although not earn commissions. But I think through their own website, to promote their own baby. Others can still learn a lot of things.

I feel when a guest,

is the first to be diligent. Every day can not use the automatic search search so a baby put on the matter. There must be personally and carefully selected a baby. The quality of the seller and the baby. Be responsible for you here to buy the baby. Only feel good for the first time, it will be the next visit I stop the chance. Every product is choose personally.

and then to be honest. That’s the basic rule of any business person. I don’t say much,.

Finally, I think

is to learn more, look at the experience of others. Of course, the success is not replicated. The world no second Einstein. So, just to learn. But don’t copy others, although now a copy of things on the Internet, a complex system is very convenient and simple articles also don’t do that. Don’t feel the station less. People browse less. First you don’t be so demanding. If you do one thing. It will do the first writing pen is too poor. Also please understand


in contributions!

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