Do drilling, exhibition, directional visitors must learn some of the methods of collecting shops

One of the most important steps in determining the rate of return for

is whether the collection of shop visitors is accurate and more critical in the women’s category. In the winter to spring the transition stage, how to collect visitors shops to achieve quick and accurate objective? The following on my own that in the actual operation process and the experience of everyone to share, hope readers gain.

, the first, is the most common way to search for a single item. For example, in the promotion of the spring, one of the flagship store of his own pants is the European and American Haren black, can be collected in accordance with the following steps: open the Taobao home page, direct search "and the Haren black pants," will be shown directly related to selling a single product. By entering the unit price and sales order, there are only 309 items left. This time you can first color non black, style and their shop does not match the one glance over, remove, and then the remaining intention to click into the shop to browse. If Haren pants in the shop occupied by the author is very small, but also can exclude this shop. When you find stores, Haren pants styles and sales have a certain proportion of shops, you can "main wish" number copied to the document finishing. It should be noted that the market is the main shop number, you can stay by the mouse in the "shop" at the office, will come out of a shopkeeper want number, the back is the main wanted. Tmall store is below the brand direct sales, copy the main want number can.





the second way is by searching the store collection. For example, the store is going to Europe and America original style of the line, you can search in Taobao home "Europe and the United States original women’s clothing", corresponding to 1285 stores jumped out. And then through the style of screening, the remaining only 136, and then screening categories, and the remaining only 12 stores. This method is the most efficient, but in order to avoid missing some similar and their shop style, in the remaining 136 stores and the wind can be another round of screening in order by price, the shop will be more visitors. As for accuracy, you’ll have to screen it again.




the third way is relatively simple, that is, from the purchase of the store to collect. For example, some shops are to buy other home products, take pictures, and then board room for processing, after modification, it becomes their own money. Relative to the original shop is more competitive, this time you can collect all these shops to sort out. Before >

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