Add four tips to share the site’s chain

I would like to share my summary of the fur with the same rookie as me. Let them find their way forward. I share how to create more chains for new sites. What I did was the movie station. Do station, want to manage seriously, put passion in. My movie station has just been on the line for 5 days. The tomato free movie is easy to use and easy to collect because of the Marx movie program. So now mainstream movie stations are choosing the program. Although the Marx film station is now flooded. Fortunately, I studied a bit of skills. The effect is good.

In the early days of

, I collected hundreds of movies. Because too many people gathered. So most of them are the same. I will find some of the more popular movie series to modify their own pseudo original. You can search yourself for some plot descriptions or tidbits to insert into the original. My station is so, a few days included many, included more. Long tail words will be more than home keywords. The home page keyword is best to choose some more moderate heat. For example, good movies, the latest movies to do. Everything is ready. Of course, how to lead spiders to visit?. I’ve listed a few methods that I personally tested and worked out well,

1: you can answer questions at the end of the world question and answer movie. I ask in Jiajing is spontaneous. Don’t send 2 articles a day. Otherwise, it will cause suspicion, then ask questions and finally take a watch address. As a result, one day yesterday, the traffic from the horizon was more than 1000. This is not the point. The main chain is guaranteed. In a few days will be included in the search. Answering other people’s questions in an address is not deleted. This method is also what I use most. 3 days after another collection of hundreds of articles. There are questions and answers to answer soso will also be included.

2. can go to Baidu post bar to answer other people’s problems. However, to answer the general way can be disguised. For example, you have a Baidu blog. The contents you put in. Put your Baidu blog address in at the same time. It’s half way to the blog. This usually does not delete, and the link is still there.

3. creates several blogs. Dispatch. Baidu. Sina. That’s enough. Give the blog a full stop. But not indiscriminately. Here’s the tip. You can write some profiles. Then search for some feelings. Behind the scenes. Wait, arrange. When it is a pseudo original article. Leave your own address and address on your back. I tested it myself and just sent it for second days and I didn’t intend to include it. I believe there will be a lot of chains.

4. can go to the Tencent and Baidu Post Bar Xicihutong forum version. Go and publish some articles, such as watching XX movies. These articles are online looking for a reasonable piece. It looks like it’s not an article. Tencent forums can give keywords to your station. You can also leave a link. That’s how I made several original articles. Of course, it’s a mess. All included. Do not believe that we can Baidu, Google, site look.

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