s it possible to do female communities in the form of knowledge

"Have you seen

chat something woman?"

this is known in the community about why women are now emerging mobile community (such as oxygen, beauty beauty, freaky help) are in a similar forum form, without the use of such forms of knowledge? "The following topics, like the number of points second answer.


although the vertical field of "know" is becoming more and more entrepreneurs to tell stories, but for the female population seems to be an exception. Take a look at the market volume of several large female communities, the most active of which is nothing more than emotional newspaper group heating, or under various scenes of sun things show. Therefore, the general consensus is: Dialogue exchanges, compared with you made me a phrase, serious "knowledge on dialogues" easy to be too professional and restraint, is not suitable for my love, partial emotional female groups.

however, the forum in the form of women’s community is not perfect in every respect, take me as an example, with the biggest worry is that: UGC quality content often fragmented and scattered all over the corner, focusing the valuable information to search. And know about the management of the focus is hard professional direction, women’s topic related questions and answers, although there are many, but always feel that the atmosphere is wrong.

so is there is a style not so stiff, and is suitable for fast access to effective information of female mobile community


I recently discovered "toffee" may be a possible answer. This is a team of Hangzhou women’s fashion quiz community, divided into beauty, dress, shaping and live music four channels, which are generally discussed practical and down to earth, like: "pear shape exactly how fitness?", "why don’t the rustic turtleneck sweater collocation?" "how to create a new year through kill the world’s girl makeup woman?".

at the same time, the most favorable answer is that those long space, with detailed graphics and commentary, rather than know some of the common and short and sharp God replies. The team told me, these contents are mostly from the operation of students after repeated communication and exchange by invitation of the Master, so many professional and sincere "dry cargo", the purpose is to create a good atmosphere of the community, to encourage everyone to do valuable share.



like I usually do not have too much time (or patient) for visiting the community of female users, "candy" is a can quickly obtain high quality, focus on information channels. After all, a simple, pure question and answer community will be a better place to be when you are slowly overwhelmed by fragmented information and noise.

but like candy so pure class known "Q" mode of the community, the short board is also very obvious, for example.

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