How to let Baidu faster included your station

1. keyword selection:

selected medium popular keywords, Baidu will be included in your love, why, now facing the present situation of SEO optimization knowledge flying all over the sky, almost everywhere is the selected medium popular keyword keyword optimization, you can know this method of selecting key medium too popular on the Internet, causing the most go to the website competition medium popular keywords, as can be imagined, your site will be the key to have a good ranking? No! Especially for the new station site optimization, using this method, the number of Baidu to reduce the chance to record. Wasted more popular keywords, keyword is popular is actually the search volume is relatively high, you are willing to choose popular keywords to compete a few people or to compete most people in the middle of popular keywords. New sites with popular keywords to do, in fact, can improve the chance of Baidu included, much higher than the choice of medium hot keywords.

2. article included:

Baidu collected a great deal of your web site, often included in these articles are a large collection of articles, seemingly Baidu included your site, but Baidu will soon look fierce K off your site article, collected a one-time, has been a lot of hard K off brought after the fruit is slowly lost. You stand on Baidu trust, Baidu new sites began to take care of it soon, the website is getting more and more garbage. Do not start to have a large number of articles indexed by Baidu, but slowly included, updated daily articles amount of my own ability, is the new sites included in the article are the 100% best original, and adhere to the update, this time, every day can improve the Baidu update snapshot of the time, such as stabilized, after about so stick to half a month, you can make the original half, is the collection of articles published after editing.

, the articles included in the article update method seems to be the same as the usual optimization considerations, but different. The key lies in early 100%, the original, although less, but in return for IP value is very high, should be optimized for popular keywords for you, is the original article, so your keyword is easy in the front row,. New station is nothing more than to attract a large number of IP. Use now online popular optimization method, indeed, many stations have been included in a lot of articles, but IP is not high, should be the key word for its Web site, it is difficult to row in front. Even if included up to 5000 articles back, but about 1000 of the IP. And the use of popular keyword optimization and 100% of the original article (if your original article is spam, nobody appreciate the exception), only more than 100 articles can change back about 1000 of the IP.

write it here today, and will continue to update the problem analysis later. This article original site, web game center, Teach novice how to build a station.

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