The Latest Trump aide No specific deal on China autos

first_imgWASHINGTON — The Latest on the U.S.-China trade talks (all times local):1:50 p.m.White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow says there is no “specific agreement” between the United States and China that would address China’s tariffs on U.S. auto imports but says he “expects” those duties to go to zero.President Donald Trump tweeted late Sunday that China would “reduce and remove” its 40% tariff on U.S. cars. China has not confirmed that it would do so.China has a 15% import tax on all autos. But it raised its tariff on U.S. cars to 40% earlier this year in retaliation for Trump’s tariffs on Chinese goods.“We don’t yet have a specific agreement on that,” Kudlow said on a conference call with reporters. “But I will just tell you as an involved participant we expect those tariffs to go to zero.”The Associated Presslast_img read more

Social Media Users Ridicule Quebecs New Bill Banning Face Coverings

Rabat – Quebec recently passed a law prohibiting Muslim women from wearing burqas and niqabs while accessing government services such as public transportation. Human rights advocates denounced the bill as racist and antithetical to the multicultural nature of Quebec. The bill faced further backlash when several women mocked it by posting scarf selfies online to contest the law and show support for Muslim women.The law, known as Bill 62 was adopted by the national assembly on Wednesday, October 18 and will be implemented as soon as July 1 2018. It will bar government employees from wearing face veils while providing public services as well as force citizens to uncover their faces while using public services.Bill 62 gave rise to many debates and earned itself critics claiming that it deliberately targets Muslim women. Eve Toress, the Public Affairs Coordinator of the National Council of Canadian Muslims (NCCM) said it “carries the risk of encouraging those who seek to sow discord and hatred among Canadians.” The NCCM additionally raised concerns about the adoption of the bill, contending that “the legislation is an unjustified infringement of religious freedoms.” Muslim community leaders stated that the law will specifically violate the religious freedoms of an estimated 100 women who wear burqa or niqab in the entire province of Quebec.A board member of the Canadian Council of Muslim Women suggested that the bill would not uphold religious neutrality. “Forcing someone to uncover, or forcing someone to cover; for me that’s not neutrality,” Shaheen Ashraf said.Since proponents of the law said that it doesn’t target religious symbols and it also applies to people wearing masks, some social media users posted selfies wearing scarves that covered their faces to ridicule the authorities’ decision. Given that Canada is known for its harsh winters, users also posted selfies decked out in winter gear like scarves and raincoats to stand in solidarity with Muslim women. Sporting my new rain shell. Good thing I don’t want to access public services in Quebec. #Bill62.— Lindsay Lyster (@LindsayLyster) October 18, 2017Anyone else for heading to Quebec to wear a face scarf on every bus possible?— Jesse Wente (@jessewente) October 18, 2017Cold winter in Quebec, face covered. So I’m not allowed on a bus? Or because I’m white and blonde I’ll be allowed? #Bill62 #shameonquebec— HeatherGStewart?? (@hgracestewart) October 18, 2017Hey Quebec, this was me on a bus last winter. #bill62— meg (@megmacs) October 18, 2017 read more

Having a cup Canadian business owners see big growth in tea drinkers

AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email by David Friend, The Canadian Press Posted Nov 3, 2013 9:00 am MDT Having a cup: Canadian business owners see big growth in tea drinkers TORONTO – Your grandmother’s favourite beverage has found a new life with retailers who say tea is destined to become the next sought after sip for Canadians bored with the same old cup of coffee.Whether it’s the traditional Earl Grey or fancy variations, like carbonated teas, or a tea-infused alcoholic drinks, the number of options for afternoon tea is growing at a stunning pace.“Like wine, people are engaged by the complexities and the intricacies of tea,” said Keith Howlett, an analyst with Desjardins, who watches trends in the retail industry.“It’s a familiar beverage and I think that’s opened up possibilities.”During the past few years, more tea shops have established a quiet presence in neighbourhoods across the country, relying primarily on word of mouth to entice new customers, but the buzz is about to become much louder as Starbucks tries grab a taste of the fervour.Last month, the Seattle-based coffee chain opened its first “tea bar” in New York City, a symbolic step towards expanding its Teavana store base. The company made the biggest acquisition in its history last year when it spent US$620 million to acquire about 300 Teavana stores, including 59 locations in Canada.The rollout could find a particularly receptive audience in Canada where tea is the fifth most popular beverage, with nearly 10 billion cups drank each year, according to Statistics Canada.Starbucks wants to corner the tea market by expanding Teavana beyond shopping malls and into major urban centres, with a significant push to begin in Canada next year. Earlier this fall, the company began carrying Teavana products at its coffee shops which exposed more consumers to the fragrant coffee alternatives that range between $3 and $6 per serving.Canadians’ tea consumption is expected to rise 40 per cent by 2020, according to a government agency report on food trends published by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada. The increase will be driven by a soaring interest in health and wellness, it said.“Canada has always been a hot tea drinking country because of our British past,” said Louise Roberge, president of the Tea Association of Canada, a lobbyist group for the industry.Tea’s popularity hit its peak before World War II but the beverage slowly began to lose its status after the war ended. By 1991, the hot drink had fallen to the lowest consumption level in its history in Canada.After years of being delegated to the bottom of restaurant menus, tea has began to regain its status, helped by the proliferation of stores dedicated solely to pushing the boundaries.Several new players brought a heightened level of creativity with concoctions generally called “flavoured teas,” because they’re less traditional and lean more on catchy names and seasonal gimmicks.David’s Tea, based in Quebec, has a wide collection of exclusive teas, ranging from the Halloween themed Stormy Night — which included pieces of coconut, vanilla and chocolate — to the even stranger Movie Night, a combination of apple pieces, maple and popcorn.Those strange brews helped David’s Tea build a loyal following at stores across most of Canada and some areas of the United States. Backed by Herschel Segal, the founder of Le Chateau, the cafes opening in 2008 sparked a resurgence of the interest in what could be done to make loose leaf tea unique.A few years earlier, Canadian entrepreneur Hatem Jahshan and his wife, Tonia, discovered their own fascination with tea, after a casual cup inspired them to explore its varieties while on vacation in Nova Scotia.The couple learned their family and friends also enjoyed to sample the scents and tastes, and they began to stock up on varieties of loose leaf tea and give them away as gifts. Within months their business intuition had kicked in, and direct sale company Steeped Tea was born, built on independent consultants who hold private tea parties at people’s homes.What started as a small business run from their garage has blossomed into a successful low-overhead model that operates out of a 20,000 square foot facility in Ancaster, Ont. with 35 employees and more than 3,000 sales consultants across the U.S. and Canada.The next frontier could be alcoholic beverages, where microbreweries have found huge success with lemon tea-infused beers. Over the summer, Steeped Tea launched its own line of tea bags that can be dropped into a pint, with flavours like Orchard Cider Spice and Berry Mania.“It has become an adventure to find out what better suits the North American palette,” said Jahshan.In Toronto, some local bars have responded to the tea sensation with mixed results, including Saviari, a bar in Toronto which “intermingled” tea and alcohol to create a variety of cocktails. While the nightspot shut down earlier this year, it left an indelible impression on mixologists in the city who have kept tea cocktails alive.All of the activity has left boutique teashops scurrying to satisfy longtime tea connoisseurs while also catering to a younger crowd that wants some pep in their pot.For the past 13 years, Marisha Golla has run the House of Tea, a traditional shop in a small neighbourhood of Toronto where the walls are lined with metal tins of obscure imported teas from around the world.While most of her customers still prefer what’s considered a standard cup, Golla said she’s seen an increase in more unusual requests that mimic the bigger chains — and that’s a demand she wants to fulfil.“When two or three customers come in and ask, ‘Do you have Birthday Cake tea?’ it is not what you want, it’s what they want,” said Golla, who began her career as a tea taster in Sri Lanka.“They come in for a solution, and if you don’t have the solution, they’re not going to come in again.”To maintain a competitive edge, Golla installed a section of her store dedicated to more unconventional flavours — she has about 24 of them, even though they don’t necessarily have playful names like “Jumpy Monkey,” one of the most popular selections at David’s Tea.“I just cannot get those words out of my mouth,” Golla said.While Golla doesn’t plan to fully embrace the evolving taste in tea, she says traditional tea shops should welcome their newfound popularity.“I like competition very much because if you don’t have competition you become blunt,” she said.“You cannot be here alone and be an industry.”Whether this wave of enthusiasm for tea remains consistent is uncertain, but not everyone is convinced that the hype is enough to tweak their business model.Tim Hortons (TSX:THI), the country’s largest coffee shop, says it doesn’t plan to expand its basic tea selection into new flavours any time soon. read more

Cheap gas in Calgary a doubleedged sword

Cheap gas in Calgary a double-edged sword It’s taken a while but the low price of oil is finally starting to be reflected at the gas pumps.Most stations around the city are selling a litre of unleaded for less than 70 cents for the first time in seven years, but it’s a double-edged sword.Consumers win because it means they can travel further for cheaper and that includes airlines and cruise ships because if their bottom line is lower, they can offer better deals.But Bill Gwozd, senior vice president of Solomon and Associates, says those benefits end when you consider job losses as well as the fact the government takes in less tax on gas if it’s cheaper, which means less money for roads, schools and hospitals.“Should we as a society aim for really low prices to allow people to travel and go on their holidays at a lower cost, or should we have higher prices, export the product and capture higher revenue so governments get strong, stronger jobs and stronger growth?” he asked, adding there are arguments for shutting off the taps in Alberta, to drive up demand and cost, much like wheat and dairy and boards already do.“I really think governments have a role to stand up and do a macro adjustment to the supply/production side,” he said. “The United States being a net consumer wouldn’t like that idea; it would have to be the producing countries.”He believes the price of oil needs to be a bit higher than it is now in order to balance consumer and manufacturer costs against production jobs and government tax revenue.“People in the production side are losing their jobs and if they’re losing jobs that means there’s going to be less oil in the future and if you want to have lineups and outages because there isn’t enough to go around, that’s the consequence, so how do you balance that?” mulled Gwozd. “You really have to have enough money going back to the production side to offset the potential consequences.” AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email (Courtesy: Thinkstock) by Jonathan Muma Posted Jan 20, 2016 8:02 am MDT read more

A DurantLed Thunder May Be Better Without Ibaka

One more piece of the Oklahoma City Thunder’s 2012 NBA Finals run was cast to the wind during Thursday night’s draft. The Thunder dealt Serge Ibaka to the Orlando Magic for Victor Oladipo, Ersan Ilyasova and the rights to No. 11 overall pick Domantas Sabonis. For those of us who look back fondly on the 2012 Thunder’s killer Big Four of Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, James Harden and Ibaka, it was a reminder of how OKC broke up one of the great what-might-have-been young cores in NBA history.But putting aside one of the internet’s favorite pastimes of 2015 — second-guessing the Harden trade — the truth of the matter is that the roster the Thunder sent to the 2016 Western Conference finals had already surpassed the edition that went to the NBA Finals four years earlier, at least according to advanced metrics such as our Box Plus/Minus talent ratings:1Essentially a lo-fi version of ESPN’s Real Plus-Minus ratings, with the benefit that they can be computed for historical seasons. We’ve used them a few times in the past. And a big reason why was the emergence of Steven Adams, who was selected with one of the picks that came to OKC in return for Harden and has become an excellent defender and rebounder. Adams’s strong play made Ibaka expendable, but so had Ibaka’s own downturn over the past couple years. And although comparing shooting guards and stretch fours is a bit apples-to-oranges, Oladipo posted better numbers than Ibaka last season, at a younger age, for less than half the money. As currently constructed, the Thunder are better off now than they were a day ago.Of course, none of that matters if Durant doesn’t opt to re-sign with Oklahoma City in free agency. Despite a bit of a down playoff campaign — and the fact that he probably isn’t even OKC’s best player anymore — KD is still one of the top handful of players in the NBA, and it will be his decision that determines the Thunder’s future far more than Sam Presti’s draft-day machinations. If Durant does re-up with Oklahoma City, the addition of Oladipo would edge the Thunder ever closer to the Warriors and Spurs at the top of the West. If not, they’ll be just another mid-level team in one of the most top-heavy conferences ever. read more

Womens Soccer Ohio State falls 10 to Michigan on the road

Ohio State senior goalkeeper Devon Kerr (1) prepares to take a goal kick in the second half of the game against Florida Gulf Coast University on Sept. 7. Credit: Casey Cascaldo | Photo EditorThe Ohio State women’s soccer team (6-5-1) ended its four-game unbeaten streak on Friday, falling to Michigan (8-6) in Ann Arbor. In the first 45 minutes of the match, neither team could find its opponent’s net, resulting in both teams staying scoreless, while the Wolverines leading 5-4 over the Buckeyes in shots. Michigan sophomore midfielder Nicki Hernandez, who leads the team with seven goals and five assists this season, notched the first goal of the night in the 54th minute of the match, finishing from six yards and giving the Wolverines a 1-0 advantage over Ohio State.Ohio State senior goalkeeper Devon Kerr recorded only one save on Friday night. The Buckeyes concluded the game with a 5-1 edge in corner kicks, a 5-2 lead in shots on goal and recorded 10 shots over the Wolverines eight, while Michigan was able to make five saves over Ohio State’s one. The Ohio State women’s soccer team will travel to East Lansing to take on Michigan State on Sunday at 1 p.m. read more

Branislav Obradovic sign for Montpellier

Ex Bosnia and Herzegovina national player, Branislav Obradovic (31) , sign a one year contract with French champion and quaterfinalist of CL this season, Montpellier. Right back from famous handball place, Banja Luka, coming from Antequera – Spain, where he had four succesfull seasons (this season – second goalscorer of team). Before that, Obradovic played in Borac Banja Luka, Bosna Sarajevo, Partizan Belgrade and teams from Portugal and Switzerland. ← Previous Story Cedric Sorhaindo three years in Barcelona! Next Story → WC 2011 qualification matches: Austria, Ukraine and Russia secure “big scene” read more

Griezmann feels closer than ever to win the Ballon dOr

first_imgDuring an interview with French journal L’Equipe, Antoine Griezmann explains why he believes that the 2018 Ballon d’Or is closer than ever for him.It’s been a truly spectacular 2018 for French forward Antoine Griezmann, he’s managed to win all the finals he’s played with both his club and his country and he looks like the top contender for this year’s Ballon d’Or. It is a little confusing that both UEFA and FIFA didn’t include him in any of the podiums for their individual awards, there is no question that Griezmann is one of the best players of the season in all competitions and he certainly is one of the most successful footballers on the collective aspect. The only exception we remember from a Ballon d’Or winner who failed to win all the major trophies in a specific season, is the 2010 prize that was given to Lionel Messi instead of either Andres Iniesta or Xavi Hernandez who won the World Cup that year. The rest of the wards have always gone to either a Champions League or a World Cup winner usually. But the FIFA The Best podium is a bit alarming for French people, because there wasn’t a single player from Les Bleus featuring in the list of nominees.⏱ 35’ | 0-0 | A disputed first 35 minutes in Balaídos. Let’s go boys! ?#AúpaAtleti #CeltaAtleti— Atlético de Madrid (@atletienglish) September 1, 2018Nobody doubts that there is a large number of French football players who deserve to be in any of the lists of nominees for both the UEFA and the FIFA awards, it’s hard to understand the reason behind their snub but the voters have made their decision and it needs to be respected. However, things are going to be very different for the Ballon d’Or because of a large number of reasons. For starters, the award is given by French prominent magazine called ‘France Football’. This publication has always favored French players when they really deserve to win the award, they gave it to Zidane back in 1998 when France won the FIFA World Cup and they have to give to a French player this time. Besides Griezmann there could be a surprise winner in Kylian Mbappé, who may not have won as many major trophies as the Atletico forward but is the better footballer from the two. France Football could surprise everyone and give the award to the player who will most likely dominate football for the next words necessary.— Atlético de Madrid (@atletienglish) September 3, 2018But for now, the top favorite to take the award is the Atletico Madrid player, who last season was the UEFA Europa League’s best player and won the competition by scoring in the final for the Colchoneros. But the best came for him during the summer as he was the leader of France during the World Cup, a tournament in which they defeated Croatia in the final with a goal scored by Griezmann from the spot and a couple more scored by Paul Pogba and Mbappé himself. But Antoine is without question the player who has made the most merits to get the recognition, an award that would be shared between all the players of this fantastic French generation that is very young still and has a lot more trophies to win without question. But Griezmann is not as young as he once was, he may not be a part of all those success stories and this could be his last chance to win the award.Gerard Pique, Neymar, BarcelonaLa Liga Betting: Match-day 4 Stuart Heath – September 14, 2019 Despite it being very early into La Liga season, both Barcelona and Real Madrid have had unprecedented starts to their campaigns. With this in…Antoine Griezmann est à la Une de L’Équipe en ce mercredi 5 septembre.Téléchargez votre journal :— L’ÉQUIPE (@lequipe) September 4, 2018In the past during his career, there was another year in which he deserved to at least be part of the final list of nominees for the Ballon d’Or award back in 2016. During that season, Antoine Griezmann was Atletico Madrid’s main player all the way through the final they played against Real Madrid but he failed to deliver in the most important moment by missing a key penalty. Then later that year during the summer, he was France’s best player and reached the final but lost it against Portugal. In that year’s contest for the award, there was no doubt that Cristiano Ronaldo deserved the honors but Griezmann thinks this year will be very different. “I compare this year to 2016 and for me, this is a year in which I have to be amongst the final three at least. I lost the 2016 award because I lost two finals and I was still amongst the final three nominees. This year I won the three finals I played. So normally, I think about it because I am very close to winning it this year,” said Griezmann to L’Equipe.? The team has already put the third kit on ??Compra online: ➡ info: ➡— Atlético de Madrid (@atletienglish) September 4, 2018Do you think Antoine Griemannn deserves to win the Ballon d’Or this year? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.last_img read more

Sunday Funday at Turnberry Isle

first_imgThey call it Sunday funday for a reason — we’re thinking mainly because it rhymes. There’s one South Florida hot spot helping you kick your Sunday funday into shape.Sundays are getting even more amazing thanks to Turnberry Isle’s new program — Amazing Sunday.Michelle Shulman, Turnberry Isle: “It’s really a very exclusive, once-a-month experience that you can get right here in Turnberry.”For $30, you get your sweat on in a workout routine.Michelle Shulman: “You start with a yoga, a meditation or a high energy class to follow. There’s usually three classes.”Each month, a different trainer teaches the class.Then, because you’ll have worked up an appetite… Michelle Shulman: “It also allows you access to the pool, which normally you wouldn’t get unless you were staying at it.”That’s right! Turnberry also invites you to jump in and cool off.Michelle Shulman: “You have really a whole day of an oasis and an escape.”And you don’t have to be a hotel guest or resort member to get in.Michelle Shulman: “Anybody can come. You can call, show day of, doesn’t matter.”All in all, an Amazing Sunday you can spend with family and friends.Anthony Ruaix: “The best part for me, just all the smiles. All the fun we had today. I loved it.” Kathleen Smith: “I can’t wait to come back.”It just feels so good to say it: Amazing Sunday.FOR MORE INFO:Turnberry Isle Miami19999 W. Country Club Dr.Aventura, Florida 33180(305) 932-6200 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.center_img Michelle Shulman: “We offer you a discount for our new The 52 Brunch, which is 20 percent off.”Sounds like the food is well worth the entire day.Anthony Ruaix, customer: “Bagel avocado and egg on top. They wanted to share. I reluctantly did. I didn’t want to.”Kathleen Smith, customer: “Food’s amazing. We all shared. It was so good.”And no Sunday funday is complete without some bubbly…Michelle Shulman: “With brunch, it’s $45 per person and you get endless mimosas.”Amazing Sunday doesn’t stop there. last_img read more

13 Apple Watch bands for fitness the office and more

first_img $349 $399 $19 at Amazon Looking for a sleek upgrade from the basic silicone band that your Apple Watch came with? Try stainless steel — combined with an analog clock face, your smartwatch could look as classic as a high-end designer timepiece on your wrist. This Kades stainless steel band comes in a brushed metal finish that looks just as great with a casual outfit as it does with a formal one. Amazon Amazon Mentioned Above Apple Watch Series 4 GPS (40mm silver aluminum case, white sport band) If you have large wrists, and/or long or muscular arms, you might find that many watch bands look oddly minuscule on you. This steel band from eLander features a larger width and big links, making the metal band a heftier option. Apple Preview • Apple Watch Series 4 review in progress (updated) Generally speaking, any plain silicone band will serve well as a sport band for your Apple Watch. Many buyers reviewed this band as comparable to the Apple Watch Sport Band and one of the best Apple Watch bands in terms of flexibility, thickness, functionality and comfort. But the IYOU starts at just $5.99, while the official Apple band costs $49. A work-appropriate Apple Watch band Aug 31 • Apple iPhone 11 launches Sept. 10, Disney Plus in big demand An official Apple accessory, the Apple Watch Sport Loop utilizes a double-layer nylon design that features extra cushion and comfort, making it idea for many activities and all-day wear. Nylon is breathable, so you can wear this band straight from a morning workout to a morning meeting. Amazon A comfortable Apple Watch band Amazon Tomazon faux-pearl band Amazon An all-purpose Apple Watch band $15 at Amazon Aug 31 • Your phone screen is gross. Here’s how to clean it eLander stainless steel band $19 at Amazon Again, Apple’s official accessory bands are hardly cheap, but some are worth the price tag. The popular Milanese Loop band is a great choice when you want something more professional than silicone, but aren’t into leather or metal chain link designs. The Milanese Loop features a woven design of stainless steel that results in a flexible fit and comfortable yet sturdy band. $49 at Amazon Carterjett tire tread band See It Share your voice A stylish Apple Watch band for a night out WFGEAL leather band Sometimes, simplicity tops all else. This nylon strap from Modal combines the sturdiness of thick woven nylon with a simple design and classic belt loop-type buckle for a stylish yet comfortable fit. $6 at Amazon Adorama reading • 13 Apple Watch bands to get on Amazon An Apple Watch band for working out $399 Looking to glam up your Apple Watch? Look no further than Tomazon’s handmade jewelry Apple Watch bands, particularly this faux-pearl beaded one. It comes in a few different color schemes, and it’s fully elastic with no buckle, which makes it easy to slip on and off. Amazon Apple manufactures its own suite of Barenia leather Apple Watch bands, but they’re priced high enough to sticker shock most people. For a less expensive option that’s still high quality, highly rated and a comfortable fit, try this WFGEAL genuine leather band that comes in a variety of colors — with more than 40 color combinations. Fitness Wearable Tech A protective case and band combo is a smart option for anyone who wears their Apple Watch while doing any sort of manual labor, high-intensity exercise with weights, outdoor activities like rock climbing, or any other activities that could damage your watch.This protective Apple Watch band comes from Supcase, which has long made quality protective cases for the iPhone. The band doubles as a case, which snaps onto your Apple Watch to provide shock absorption, and the raised bezel design acts as screen protectors to help you avoid screen damage and scratches. $20 at Amazon Comments Review • Apple Watch Series 4 review: ECG, and a lot of refinements Amazon Secbolt thin leather band News • Apple Watch Series 4 vs. Galaxy Watch Active: What’s the best smartwatch? Aug 31 • Verizon vs AT&T vs T-Mobile vs Sprint: Choose the best 5G carrier Switch up your Apple Watch band to make it perfect for the gym, the office and even a night out. Sarah Tew/CNET Like many on-the-go professionals, I have a handful of trusty outfits that can take me from the office to the gym to social hour with minimal effort put into changing between settings — the rise of “athleisure” and the stack of black leggings in my closet have gotten me through many busy days. When your Apple Watch serves as your right-hand — er, wrist — man, it’s only natural to want the same flexible functionality from your watch straps. Thanks to the surge in third-party bands for Apple Watch, you can easily flit between different purposes and aesthetics. From office-acceptable (e.g., nylon, stainless steel) to ballroom-worthy (e.g., Italian leather, rose gold) to rugged and outdoorsy (e.g., Cordura fabric, a silicone band, or a sports band), Amazon has tens of thousands of Apple Watch bands to suit your different needs and watch sizes. Here are some of the best Apple Watch bands. Read more: These are the 7 best Apple Watch chargers you can get on Amazon | Apple Watch 5: What we’re expectingNote: These products and services are independently chosen by our editors. CNET may get a share of the revenue if you buy anything featured on our site. A budget-friendly leather Apple Watch band A wide-width Apple Watch band $149 at Amazon $15 at Amazon Kades stainless steel band There are a lot of silicone Apple Watch bands out there, but there aren’t many with this thick, textured design. The tire-tread silicone on this Carterjett band makes it perfect for people who need durability in a band, and the rugged aesthetic is a bonus for outdoorsy or adventurous types. A budget-friendly nylon Apple Watch band IYOU Sport Band A budget-friendly metal Apple Watch band Amazon See it A durable silicone Apple Watch band Amazon How To • How to use the Apple Watch ECG app Best Buy Amazon See It See All Best laptops for college students: We’ve got an affordable laptop for every student. Best live TV streaming services: Ditch your cable company but keep the live channels and DVR. $13 at Amazon Supcase protective case and band CNET may get a commission from retail offers. Amazon $9 at Amazon This story originally published on June 22, 2019 and has been updated with current pricing. Aug 31 • iPhone 11, Apple Watch 5 and more: The final rumors AdMaster soft silicone band Tags Apple Milanese Loop band $22 at Amazon Modal woven nylon band Apple Watch Sport Loop • Amazon A protective Apple Watch band Apple Watch Series 4 4 For ultimate breathability, try this AdMaster band that features air holes throughout the entire band. Made of silicone, this band is soft and the stainless steel buckle keeps it in place on your wrist. Most people who bought this band on Amazon consider it one of the best Apple Watch bands in terms of comfort, fit and price.  On the other hand, many people feel that most watch bands are too wide or thick. If you’re looking for a thin wrist band, try this Secbolt leather band that comes in more than 20 colors and patterns. The genuine leather strap conforms easily to small wrists and can be adjusted to wrist size thanks to the stainless steel buckle. $10 at Amazon See It A skinny Apple Watch band $349 Apple Amazon Applelast_img read more

ECoR AGM Sudhir Kumar inspects Vizag station

first_imgVisakhapatnam: East Coast Railway Additional General Manager Sudhir Kumar carried out inspection of Visakhapatnam railway station accompanied by Akshay Saxena, ADRM (Infrastructure), P Ramachandra Rao, ADRM (operations) and other officers on Thursday. Sudhir Kumar conducted window trailing inspection from Palasa to Visakhapatnam. He held discussions with the Divisional Officials of Waltair Division on various developmental activities, passenger amenities and environmental issues. He appreciated the efforts of Waltair Division in maintaining cleanliness of the Division and stations. Also Read – Rs 65.30lakhs Exgratia paid to deceased family Advertise With Us Later, he inspected various facilities at Visakhapatnam Railway station such as executive lounge, refreshing lounge, relaxing lounge, amenities at platforms, waiting halls, circulating areas and Waltair Railway Stadium. Later, the AGM also inspected Centralized Solid Waste management point at station. He enquired about the various measures adopted for waste management, bio-degradable solid waste management and green initiative. He stressed on creating awareness among the passengers about maintenance of hygiene and cleanliness at stations and the need to adhere to the norms.last_img read more

WhatsApp is getting this ubercool feature from Instagram soon

first_imgClose WhatsApp is undoubtedly the widely used cross-platform internet-based messaging application in the world with over a billion active users. To ensure these users have enough reasons to stay on the platform, the Facebook-owned app constantly tests new features and rolls them out in an orderly fashion. Another beta feature has been spotted in the wild, something millions of users are going to love when rolled out.According to WABetaInfo, which regularly tracks updates and new features to the popular app, WhatsApp is reportedly working on a boomerang feature that will make users’ chats and statuses more fun to watch. For those unaware, the boomerang-style looping short clips are quite popular in Instagram, and WhatsApp seems to be borrowing it to share the success.The new feature, aptly named Boomerang, is not available publicly since the feature has been in the works for the last few weeks. Once WhatsApp has fine-tuned and eliminated all bugs with the feature, it will be released to all the Android and iOS users around the world. But there’s no tentative timeline as of this writing. WhatsApp to get boomerang feature soonpixabay.comIn case you’re unfamiliar with the boomerang feature on Instagram, it simply loops a short video less than seven seconds. The feature will be available in the Video Type panel where users can convert videos to GIFs. After converting a short video clip to a boomerang, it can then be shared with contacts or as a status update (24 hours).WABetaInfo also shared a sample boomerang video to show how the video will work in the real world. The new WhatsApp feature is said to arrive on iOS first and then on the Android platform. WhatsApp to get boomerang feature soonKIRILL KUDRYAVTSEV/AFP/Getty ImagesBesides this interesting integration, WhatsApp is also close to releasing the much-awaited dark mode for the app. According to the blog, dark mode on iOS is 95 percent ready and the Android version is close to 75 percent complete. Still, there’s no word on when WhatsApp users will get the highly-anticipated feature.WhatsApp is also developing a Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app that will work independently on a PC even when your phone is off. Currently, WhatsApp Web requires a phone to have an active internet connection to mirror the screen on a PC. That could change soon.Additionally, Facebook is going to rename WhatsApp to “WhatsApp from Facebook” to be “clearer about the products and services that are part of Facebook.” The change is going to affect the app’s listing in App Store and Play Store, but the homescreen will still reflect the simple WhatsApp moniker. Seven Things You Didnt Know About WhatsApplast_img read more

N Koreas top official to visit South

first_imgKim Yong Nam, president of the Presidium of the Supreme People`s Assembly of North Korea (L), attends the 17th Non-Aligned Summit in Porlamar, Venezuela on 17 September, 2016. Photo: ReutersNorth Korea’s ceremonial head of state will visit the South this week and attend the Winter Olympics opening ceremony as the divided peninsula witnesses a rare thaw after a year of high tensions over Pyongyang’s nuclear programme.Kim Yong-Nam will technically be the most senior official from the North ever to travel to the other side of the Demilitarized Zone that has for decades divided the two Koreas.His trip will be the diplomatic high point of the rapprochement between the two Koreas triggered by the Pyeongchang Olympics in the South, which have their opening ceremony on Friday — although analysts warn that their newly warmed relations may not last long beyond the Games.Tensions spiralled last year as the North carried out multiple weapons tests, including intercontinental ballistic missiles it says are capable of reaching the mainland United States, and its most powerful nuclear blast to date.For months Pyongyang ignored Seoul’s entreaties to take part in a “peace Olympics”, until leader Kim Jong-Un indicated his willingness to do so in his New Year speech.That set off a rapid series of meetings which saw the two agree to march together at the opening ceremony and form a unified women’s ice hockey team, their first for 27 years.The North’s Olympic participation would include a visit by a high-level delegation, they agreed.It will be led by Kim Yong-Nam, who is leader of the Presidium of the Supreme People’s Assembly, the North’s ruling party-controlled parliament, Seoul’s unification ministry said in a statement late Sunday.Kim — who is not a close blood relative of leader Kim Jong-Un — will arrive on Friday for a three-day visit, accompanied by three other officials and 18 support staff, the ministry added it had been told by Pyongyang.The North’s state-run news agency KCNA said the group would “soon visit south Korea to attend the opening ceremony of the 23rd Winter Olympics”.US Vice President Mike Pence will also be present at the same event.- Figurehead -As the nominal head of state, Kim Yong-Nam will technically be the highest-level Northern official ever to visit the South, but he is largely considered a figurehead whose public diplomatic role leaves it unclear how much political power he really has.He previously led the North’s delegations to the 2008 Beijing Olympics and 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, but does not hold the title of national president — and nor does leader Kim Jong-Un.Instead it is retained by Kim Jong-Un’s grandfather, the North’s founder Kim Il-Sung, who remains Eternal President of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea — the country’s official name — despite dying in 1994.Speculation about who could lead the delegation had been rife in the South for weeks, with some analysts pointing to Choe Ryong-Hae, who is the vice chairman of the Central Committee of the ruling Workers’ Party and seen as Kim Jong-Un’s right-hand man.Others had even suggested the leader’s younger sister Kim Yo-Jong, who was recently promoted to a senior political position.Choe was one of three senior Pyongyang officials who made a surprise visit to the South during the 2014 Asian Games along with former military chief Hwang Pyong-So and Kim Yang-Gon, a top official on inter-Korea affairs who died in a car crash in 2015.They did not go to the presidential Blue House in Seoul or meet then-South Korean President Park Geun-Hye, and only met with Park’s national security advisor and the then unification minister, but it may be different on this occasion.Kim Yong-Nam’s official status is high enough to warrant a meeting with South Korean President Moon Jae-In under diplomatic protocol, said Cheong Seong-Chang, analyst at the Sejong Institute think tank.”At least in the North’s party hierarchy, Kim Yong-Nam is the second-highest official right below Kim Jong-Un,” he said. “I’d see it as a sign of determination by Kim Jong-Un to improve inter-Korea ties.”If they do meet, Kim Yong-Nam could invite Moon to Pyongyang for future summit with Kim Jong-Un, he added.Moon has long argued for engagement to bring the North to the negotiating table over its nuclear ambitions, which have seen it subjected to multiple sets of United Nations Security Council sanctions.Seoul and Washington have agreed to delay annual large-scale joint military exercises which always infuriate Pyongyang, but only until the end of the Paralympics in late March.last_img

Sudan braces for strike as protesters pile on pressure

first_imgSudanese aviation professionals hold placards as they rally in support of civilian rule at Khartoum airport in the capital on 27 May. Photo: AFPSudan is bracing for a two-day nationwide strike from Tuesday called by protesters to pile pressure on the military to hand power to a civilian administration as talks remain deadlocked.Leaders of the umbrella protest movement, the Alliance for Freedom and Change, and army generals who seized power after ousting president Omar al-Bashir last month, have so far failed to iron out differences over who should lead a new governing body — a civilian or soldier.The new governing body is expected to install a transitional civilian government, which in turn would prepare for the first post-Bashir elections after a three-year interim period ends.In a bid to step up pressure on the generals, the protest movement has called for a two-day general strike starting on Tuesday.”The response to the call for a strike has been better than we expected,” said Siddiq Farukh, a leader of the protest movement.”The two-day strike aims to deliver a message to the whole world that the Sudanese people want a real change and they don’t want the power to be with the military,” he told AFP.Protest leader Wajdi Saleh told reporters late Monday that there was “still no breakthrough” in negotiations but the protest movement was ready to negotiate if the generals offer fresh talks.Saleh did not rule out an “indefinite strike” at a later date if the deadlock continues.”But we hope that we reach an agreement with the military council and won’t have to go on an indefinite strike,” he said.Protest leaders said medics, lawyers, prosecutors, employees in the electricity and water sectors, public transport, railways, telecommunication and civil aviation were set to participate in the strike.They said that the strike in the telecommunication and aviation sectors will not affect operations.But the protest movement’s plan has been dealt a blow after a key member, the National Umma Party, said it opposed the strike plan as there had been no unanimous decision over it.”We have to avoid such escalated measures that are not fully agreed,” the party said on Sunday.- ‘Let the people decide’ -Umma and its chief Sadiq al-Mahdi have for decades been the main opponents of Bashir’s iron-fisted rule.The party threw its weight behind the protest movement after nationwide demonstrations erupted against him in December.Mahdi’s elected government was toppled by Bashir in an Islamist-backed coup in 1989.In a recent interview with AFP, Mahdi warned protesters not to “provoke” the army rulers as they had been instrumental in Bashir’s removal.Protester Hazar Mustafa said a civilian government was the only solution to Sudan’s problems.”We see the military council as part of the former regime. We don’t see it upholding any rights and building a just state,” she said.The army ousted Bashir after tens of thousands of protesters camped outside military headquarters from April 6 demanding an end to his autocratic rule.Five days later the generals removed Bashir and since then have resisted calls from protesters and Western powers to hand over power to a civilian administration.- Regional backing -Thousands of protesters remain camped outside the army complex round-the-clock, demanding the generals step down.Ahead of the strike, the chief of the ruling military council General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan and his deputy General Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo have been touring Khartoum’s regional allies Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.The oil-rich Gulf states Saudi Arabia and the UAE along with Egypt are seen backing the generals even as the United States leads Western calls to swiftly establish civilian rule in the country.Talks between the generals and protest leaders remain deadlocked.Protest leaders insist a civilian must head the new sovereign council and that civilians should make up the majority of its members, proposals rejected by the ruling generals.Before suspending talks on May 20, the two sides had agreed on several key issues, including the three-year transition and the creation of a 300-member parliament, with two thirds of lawmakers coming from the protesters’ umbrella group.last_img read more

Boost Your Business With a New Netbook

first_img 3 min read Free Webinar | Sept. 9: The Entrepreneur’s Playbook for Going Global Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Register Now » June 26, 2009 Why spend thousands on clunky notebook computers that’ll set your business back a small fortune, just so executives can file an occasional purchase order or inventory replenishment request? Netbooks–low-cost, lightweight laptops that favor practicality over performance, eschewing luxurious extras in favor of more functional specs–are portable computing’s hottest trend. And although late to the party in a market already flooded by competitors including Dell, HP and Acer, Toshiba nonetheless proves a welcome guest with its first North American entry, the mini NB205-310. Clocking in at $399 (a wise choice, considering the category’s usual $300-$500 sticker prices), the 10.1-inch system makes a solid fit for any entrepreneur, given its capable feature set, attractive design and tremendous eight-plus-hour battery life.Size-wise, slimmer models certainly exist, but you’ll find the travel-friendly, 2.9lb unit easily stows away in any carry-on. In spite of the PC’s miniature dimensions, a comfy keyboard demands few compromises from fingers more accustomed to typing up balance sheets or sales forecasts on roomier desktop configurations. Middling technical specs, including a 1.66Ghz Intel Atom CPU, 1-2 GB of RAM and 160GB hard drive, ensure that the machine is best suited to basic functions such as checking e-mail, word processing or surfing the web. Still, while you won’t be doing any video editing or high-end desktop publishing on the unit, which runs Windows XP, it’s powerful enough to accomplish most routine tasks. Offering a built-in 0.3 megapixel webcam and backlit LCD display, users can readily videoconference via Skype, enjoy YouTube videos or parse PDF files as needed.More to the point, when coupled with the system’s atypical longevity–competing models offer three to four hours of battery life–it makes the computer a shoe-in for today’s road warrior. A solid workhorse that’s capable of connecting with 802.11b/g WiFi hotspots and home networks, the NB205 can keep you poring through spreadsheets and pounding out presentations long into the night. A special sleep-and-charge USB port even makes it possible to charge USB devices even when the system is shut down, letting you recharge smartphones or other mobile devices while catching a siesta. Models’ sophisticated industrial design aesthetic doesn’t hurt either, although you can always opt for a less stylish edition (the NB205-210) with plastic keyboard for $349.Light on gimmicks, eschewing the 3D visual prowess of Lenovo’s upcoming IdeaPad S12 ($499 with dedicated Nvidia Ion GPU) or decadent design of luxury units such as Sony’s $900 Vaio P, the NB205 instead opts to strictly cover the basics. Focusing on price and productivity, it’s the sort of sensible device you’d expect to find in any director- or VP-level executive’s laptop carrying case. While other comparable units such as the popular Asus Eee PC 1000HE ($399) and Samsung N110 ($439) certainly do exist, the good news is as follows. Toshiba’s debut offering remains effortlessly capable of going toe-to-toe with the current heads of the class.Granted, we’d be remiss if we didn’t print the following disclaimer: A netbook won’t be for every individual or organization, especially given potential inconveniences like cramped keyboards, miniaturized screens and incompatibility with brawny database or multimedia applications. But choose to go this route using systems like the NB205, and you may find that the benefits, in terms of both cost savings and productivity, nicely compute. Growing a business sometimes requires thinking outside the box.last_img read more

Microsoft releases Office October 2018 nonsecurity updates

first_imgMicrosoft releases Office October 2018 non-security updates by Martin Brinkmann on October 03, 2018 in Companies, Microsoft – 1 commentYesterday was the first Tuesday of the October 2018 and that means that Microsoft released a bunch of non-security updates for Microsoft Office.While that is certainly not as big of a story as the release of Windows 10 version 1809 or the reveal of new Surface hardware devices, it is still import for admins and users who manage MSI-based Office installations on devices running Microsoft’s Windows operating system.Microsoft released updates for Office 2016 and 2013 only this time and not a single update for Microsoft Office 2010. You can check out last month’s updates as well if you have not already; it did contain an update for Office 2010 next to multiple updates for newer versions of the Office suite.Note that the released updates are for MSI-based versions of Office only and not for Office 365 versions. Also, as a rule of thumb: only install updates that fix issues that you experienced already or may experience in the future.Microsoft released Office this last month, made it Windows 10 exclusive and increased the price of the Professional version and Home & Business versions of Office.Office 2013Microsoft published a total of three updates for Office 2013.KB4022227 — Project 2013 — makes sure that the Japanese era name is displayed correctly when a new era begins.KB4018331 — Visio 2013 — fixes a blurry text issue when exporting a Visio file as a PDF file.KB4461446 — Skype for Business 2015 Lync 2013 — the monthly update for Skype for Business that raises the version to 15.0.5075.1000. The update fixes a freeze issue caused by messages that have a lot of emoticons.Office 2016Microsoft released seven non-security updates for Office 2016 in October 2018.KB4461436 — Office 2016 — fixes an issue that causes Unicode IVS characters to display incorrectly when changing horizontal text to vertical text in a workbook.KB4461442 — Office 2016 — the update resolves an issue that prevented email attachments from being saved to disk if Information Rights Management (IRM) protected the message.KB4011669 — Office 2016 — addresses an issue in Skype for Business 2016 where a user who uses a Korean Input Method Editor (IME) environment could change the original conversation content after the conversation finishes.KB4092448 — Office 2016 — the update improves the Irish Gaelic translation for OneNote 2016 and the Czech translation for Outlook 2016. Also adds translation of informative messages displayed when BCC recipients click Reply All.KB4461443 — Project 2016 — Same as KB4022227 for Office 2013.KB4032228 — Visio 2016 — Same as KB4018331 for Office 2013.KB4092445 — Skype for Business 2016 — Fixes the issue described in KB4011669 for Office 2016 and adds external user policy for communication with external users. Essentially, adds an option for administrators to block file transfers.Closing WordsThe October 2018 updates can be downloaded from the linked Support pages or from Microsoft’s Update Catalog website.SummaryArticle NameMicrosoft releases Office October 2018 non-security updatesDescriptionYesterday was the first Tuesday of the October 2018 and that means that Microsoft released a bunch of non-security updates for Microsoft Office.Author Martin BrinkmannPublisher Ghacks Technology NewsLogo Advertisementlast_img read more

Gay student sues school for ignoring him while he was attacked by

first_imgA gay student is suing his school after teachers ignored him as he was being attacked by bullies. Gay teen was bullied, hospitalized and ignored by school teachers | Photo by Ian Esponosa/Unsplash Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… He then started hiding from and sometimes missing classes to avoid contact.In sixth grade, he moved to a different school. Many of his harassers followed.One told him in a restroom he should kill himself.Despite his mother complaining to school officials, there is no written record of any investigation.‘Kill yourself’And that was when a school official told Parades that he brought the trouble onto himself by ‘acting gay and telling other students he was gay’.Harborside school officials at one point decided the teen and his main bully should work together on a poster project or face a three-day suspension.Parades couldn’t face spending time alone with the other student and chose to be suspended.When he began Reuther Central High, he no longer reported bullying ‘because he believed it was hopeless’.His grades declined. Later, he was hospitalized.Lawsuit claims student was deprived of educational opportunitiesThe lawsuit brings claims under Title IX which bans discrimination based on sex in schools that receive federal funding.The suit claims the harassment prevented Parades from receiving the educational opportunities offered by the district.A Kenosha Unified School District official has declined to comment.Got a news tip? Want to share your story? Email us . GAYSTARNEWS-center_img Guadalupe Paredes, 19, has said the school were ‘deliberately indifferent’ to his daily torment.One official even allegedly told his mother Parades brought it on himself by ‘acting gay and telling other students he was gay’.Gay student attacked by bullies The 19-year-old has named the Kenosha Unified School District, and five administrators as defendants. Kenosha is in Wisconsin, US.In fifth grade, when he was around 10 years old, he was hospitalized for psychiatric treatment over the abuse he suffered at school.The lawsuit says the assistant principal at Edward Bain School of Language and Art changed when Parades came out in fourth grade.He says the principal told him to bring concerns to him because the assistant principal, Ron Sandoval, ‘did not feel comfortable with [Parades’] kind’.The anxiety of returning to school each day got worse, vomiting on Sunday nights.Teachers told gay teen to ‘avoid’ the harassersWhen his mother spoke to administrators, they suggested Parades just ‘avoid’ the harassers. eTN Chatroom for Readers (join us) Teen killed in vicious homophobic attack where he was beaten, burnt and raped for hoursGay teacher says he was fired due to his sexuality – now he’s suingAustralian state may stop religious schools from anti-gay discriminationRead the full article on Gaystarnews:  : read more

Ladysmith Gazettes pick of the top 5 local and international news stories

first_imgA record-shattering NASA astronaut is set to return to Earth on Saturday, finishing a 288-day mission that put her over the top as the American who has spent the most cumulative amount of time in space.Read full story: Record-breaking NASA astronaut coming back to Earth5. Suspect charged over French girl’s wedding disappearanceA man has been charged with kidnapping and placed in provisional detention in connection with the disappearance of a nine-year-old girl during a wedding in the Alps, a French public prosecutor said.Read full story: Suspect charged over French girl’s wedding disappearanceClick to receive news links via WhatsApp. Or  for the latest news, visit our webpage or follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Join us there! WebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite 1. Petrol price to increase on WednesdayDisappointing news for Ladysmith motorists is that the price of petrol will increase at midnight on Wednesday (September 6).Read full story: Petrol price to increase on Wednesday2. Ladysmith and Bergville rapists sentenced to ‘hard time’ in prisonTwo accused were recently sentenced for rape in two separate incidents in Bergville and Ladysmith.Read full story: Ladysmith and Bergville rapists sentenced to ‘hard time’ in prison3. Grandparents Day at Hamilton PrepThe pre-primary pupils at Hamilton Preparatory recently let their grandparents know just how much they mean to them, through song.Read full story: Grandparents Day at Hamilton Prep4. Record-breaking NASA astronaut coming back to Earthlast_img read more

iPad 6 Is Not Just Cheaper But Comes With a Free Apple

first_img Share Tweet Submit At Best Buy, Apple’s latest tablet, the iPad 6 is being sold for a discount on both the 32 and 128GB storage models. While that $30 discount will certainly seem attractive for some, you’re also getting an accessory for no extra charge. The Apple Pencil needs to bought separately but on this occasion, the iPad 6 purchase will let you have it for free, which is a terrific deal if you want to upgrade.The hardware specifications of the iPad 6 consist of its 9.7-inch IPS LCD panel, which is large enough to get a small amount of work done and perfect for watching movies and TV shows for elongated periods thanks to its 10-hour battery life. It also features an Apple A10 Fusion SoC and a 2GB RAM combination, making it a very a capable slate for performing a variety of functions.The tablet will also be in line to receive the latest software updates for several years before throwing in the towel so this definitely makes it the perfect tablet to last you considerably. We will remind you that the slate features an internal storage of 32GB, which is adequate for the majority of users, plus that free $99 Apple Pencil will definitely give you a sigh of relief and the $30 additional discount off the slate means a total of $129 off the entire package.If this is not a sweet deal, then we do not know what is.Buy iPad 6 32GB Wi-Fi only model with free $99 Apple Pencil from Best BuyBuy iPad 6 128GB Wi-Fi only model with free $99 Apple Pencil from Best Buylast_img read more

ExpoVino convention invites Costa Ricans to taste the worlds wines

first_imgThe ExpoVino wine convention opens to the public Thursday and Friday in Belén, just west of San José, with diverse samplings of the finest wines available in Costa Rica, imported from Chile, Argentina, the United States, Spain, Italy and even Germany.“Ticos love Chilean wine, but they also like to discover new flavors,” said Karl Hempel, director of ExpoVino. “We want to emphasize that the experience here is to discover flavors, discover new wines and above all discover good value in wines.”For $65 (with a 20 percent discount if you book in advance with a Banco Nacional card), visitors can taste all exhibitors’ wines, in addition to meats and cheeses from a variety of Costa Rican companies.If you like wine so much that you have to taste them all, you might want to take a taxi.Read the full story in Travel. Facebook Comments Related posts:Delika Foodshow a gourmet cornucopia In Argentina’s malbec region, cheap land has foreigners’ attention Costa Rican band 424 caps off year with new single, video and concert PHOTOS: An afternoon at the Parque Francialast_img read more