Deep rooted conspiracy by coal mafia to kill SAIL Chairman 6 held

first_imgNew Delhi: The coal mafia was behind the brutal attack on SAIL Chairman Anil Kumar Chaudhary on August 7. A deep rooted conspiracy was hatched by a Delhi-based coal industrialist who hired assailants to eliminate Chaudhary, who had rejected a contract worth over Rs 100 crore. Six persons, including A.K. Singh, owner of a coal firm, has been arrested by the Crime Branch of Delhi Police in connection with the case. The coal industrialist had paid Rs 6 lakh to hire criminals to allegedly kill Chaudhary. Chaudhary was attacked by four assailants on August 7 in South Extension near his office in the posh HUDCO place in South Delhi. The assailants had trailed the SAIL Chairman’s car from his office and after overtaking his vehicle at a secluded spot, they hit him with blunt objects, leaving him severely injured. Chaudhary later said that the assailants had a clear cut intention to kill him.last_img read more

Samantha Harris Kicks Off Juicy Juice Fruit For All Project

first_imgNESTLÉ JUICY JUICE, Feeding America and celebrity mom and anti-hunger advocate Samantha Harris celebrated the kickoff of the JUICY JUICE Fruit for All Project at the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank on May 31, 2012.Samantha Harris and Feeding AmericaThe program is designed to help alleviate summertime childhood hunger by delivering up to 35 million pieces of fresh fruit to children and families at risk of hunger nationwide. Until August 31, one piece of fruit will be provided to hungry kids and their families each time JUICY JUICE is purchased.“I’ve always felt passionately that no one should have to suffer from hunger, but now that I am a mom, I know how devastating it would be to struggle to provide healthy meals for my kids,” said Samantha Harris. “I’m delighted to be involved in a program that will help provide nutritious fruits that are so critical to a child’s development.”An estimated 16 million American children are food insecure and live at risk of being hungry, particularly in the summer months when they are out of school and away from federally assisted school meal programs. Food pantries, soup kitchens and other charitable food assistance organizations report seeing an increased need for food assistance for children during summer months.“The Fruit for All Project is a natural extension of the JUICY JUICE vision, which is to provide at least one full serving of fruit per serving,” said Rob Case, president of Nestlé’s Beverage Division. “We’re thrilled that through the Fruit for All Project, we’re able to broaden that commitment by partnering with supportive organizations and providing fruit servings to those in need.”Surprisingly, America’s battle against hunger is not about having enough food; the real problem is of equity, distribution and access to food. Juicy Juice will become part of the solution this summer by supporting the harvesting and transportation of fresh, nutritious fruits, helping to mitigate the loss of more than six billion pounds of produce that are wasted each year in America. In addition to contributing with Juicy Juice purchases, families can volunteer at their local food bank or visit Juicy Juice’s Facebook page to complete challenges like games, quizzes and puzzles to earn even more fruit donations.“We’re honored JUICY JUICE is partnering with Feeding America to help provide up to 35 million pieces of fresh produce to those in need,” said Vicki Escarra, president and CEO of Feeding America. “This partnership will drive a significant increase in the fresh fruit distributed through our National Produce Program while at the same time engaging families to join in the fight against hunger within their own communities.”The Fruit for All Project complements Nestlé USA’s ongoing commitment to fighting hunger in partnership with Feeding America. Since 1990, Nestlé has donated more than 250 million pounds of food and beverages, including Juicy Juice, to regional food banks nationwide.To learn more, find the food bank nearest you or earn fruit donations for people in need, visit read more

Saskatchewan premier says his province will also table oil ban bill

first_imgEDMONTON – Premier Scott Moe says Saskatchewan will join Alberta in a fight with B.C. over the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion by introducing its own legislation on oil exports.Moe says his government will bring in a bill in the coming days that could result in less oil moving to British Columbia.“We do ship some energy products to British Columbia but not a huge amount. The majority of the energy products that are shipped to British Columbia come from Alberta,” said Moe in Regina.“What we’re saying is if they (Alberta) turn off those taps, Saskatchewan won’t be here to fill those (B.C.) fuel tanks.”Moe said he wants the legislation passed in the current session of the legislature so that it can work in tandem with Alberta’s legislation.Alberta Premier Rachel Notley’s government introduced a law on Monday that would give the province power to unilaterally reduce exports of oil and natural gas.The bill aims to give the energy minister authority to intervene in the market, via direct licences to companies, to decide when and how certain oil and natural gas products are exported.Moe said his bill is still being worked on, but it is likely to involve a similar permitting process.“That’s something that we would look at very closely, and if not mirroring (Alberta’s bill) being something similar.”In Edmonton on Tuesday, Alberta Energy Minister Marg McCuaig-Boyd welcomed Saskatchewan’s actions.“I appreciate that they also see the importance of the energy industry to Alberta and indeed to the country,” she said.Alberta and B.C. have been at odds over the Trans Mountain project, which was approved in 2016 but has been hamstrung by court challenges and permit delays in B.C.Alberta says the expansion is critical to reduce bottlenecks that cost Canada $40 million a day in lost revenue, but B.C. says it remains concerned about potential oil spills on its waterways and coastline.The future of the $7.4-billion project is uncertain. Earlier this month, pipeline-builder Kinder Morgan announced it was ratcheting back spending on it, because the actions of the B.C. government have sown investor uncertainty.Kinder Morgan has set a deadline of May 31 to get a tangible sign from Canada that the project can and will be completed.Alberta and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government are discussing taking an equity stake in the pipeline to ensure it gets done.Moe said he’s not concerned that the bills might result in court challenges and fines as a breach of free-trade rules.He said it’s an unusual and unfortunate situation that began with B.C. interfering in a federally approved interprovincial pipeline.“We hope it doesn’t come to this. We truly don’t. This is not a conversation we want to be having,” he said.Alberta’s oil sells at a discount on North American markets due to lack of market access outside the United States.Moe said that same discount affects Saskatchewan and has a domino effect, because oil transported by rail means delays in moving other products such as grain and potash. He estimates the oil differential costs Saskatchewan $150 million a year.last_img read more

Aussie MP slammed for Christchurch attack remarks

first_imgCanberra: The Australian Senate on Wednesday slammed a lawmaker for blaming Muslim immigration as the cause for the New Zealand mosque attacks that killed 50 people. Senator Fraser Anning, a far-right independent, made his comments on the day of the shootings in Christchurch. The Upper House passed the censure motion against him without a single unfavourable vote, in what was a symbolic move that does not carry with it Anning’s expulsion from the legislative body. Also Read – Saudi Crown Prince ‘snubbed’ Pak PM, recalled jet from US Lawmakers from across the political spectrum condemned his “inflammatory and divisive” remarks. In response, Anning said the censure was “an attack on free speech”, the BBC reported. The reprimand, the fifth to be passed by the Senate in the past decade, stated that Anning’s remarks on the March 15 attack did not reflect the views of the Parliament or the Australian people. “It’s absolutely right to censure Senator Anning and anyone else within our community who seeks to use a horrific tragedy like this one as an opportunity to vilify and divide people based on their religious belief,” said Australian Finance Minister Mathias Cormann. Also Read – Record number of 35 candidates in fray for SL Presidential polls Following the Christchurch carnage — the deadliest in New Zealand’s history — Anning had said that “the real cause of bloodshed on New Zealand streets today is the immigration programme that allowed Muslim fanatics to migrate to New Zealand in the first place”. The leader of the opposition in the Senate, Penny Wong, described Anning’s anti-Muslim remarks as “pathetic” and “shameful”, Efe news reported. Wong said that “his inflammatory and divisive comments seek to attribute blame to the victims of a horrific crime and to vilify people on the basis of religion”. Anning was not present in the Senate during the motion against him. The Queensland Senator had said before the motion that “my real crime is that I simply told the truth” when the media and the leaders did not want to hear it. Anning, who in the past used a term linked to the Nazi plan for exterminating all Jewish people – “final solution” – by calling for it to be applied to immigrants in Australia, was also involved in an altercation with a teenager who cracked an egg on his forehead following his comments about the attack.last_img read more

Irans Moral Police Detains 230 Young People for Partying in Tehran

By Sana ElouaziRabat – The Iranian vice squad arrested 230 young men and women at two separate parties in Tehran while they were celebrating an ancient Iranian tradition, reported several international media outlets on Saturday.The young party goers had gathered on Thursday night to celebrate the traditional Yalda festival, on the eve of the the winter’s first day. The raids took place after many participants live-streamed the parties and posted images on Instagram calling others to join, alerting the authorities.“When the police arrived, there were mixed groups of people dancing and stomping their feet while drinking alcohol,” said the Anti-Vice Police chief Colonel Zolfaghar Barfar to the semi-official news agency Iranian Students News Agency (ISNA).“The singers hired for the parties were arrested and taken to the Morality Security Police station with their confiscated equipment,” added Bafar.Furthermore, the police also claimed to have seized psychotropic drugs along with alcoholic beverages from the parties.Under Iranian Penal Code, the detainees could face punishments such as fines, lashes or jail terms for holding parties in a private place with “unrelated members of the opposite sex.” They can also be prosecuted for the illicit consumption or possession of alcohol, which have been banned in Iran since the Islamic revolution of 1979.Breaking up private parties is quite common in the Islamic Republic backed with its notorious vice squad or morality police, a branch of the security forces co-directed by the Revolutionary Guards and the Interior Ministry. However, the scale of the latest arrests remain unprecedented.According to the ISNA news agency, Iranian Police have already closed 20 grocery stores for selling alcoholic beverages and arrested their managers, adding that the majority of alcohol consumed in Iran is smuggled in through Kurdistan and Turkey or locally produced and sold in bottles of an Iranian brand of non-alcoholic beer. read more

UN food agency works to aid flood victims in central Sudan

12 July 2007The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) today launched an emergency relief effort to deliver food and supplies to displaced people in Central Sudan, where recent floods destroyed an estimated 15,000 homes. The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) today launched an emergency relief effort to deliver food and supplies to displaced people in Central Sudan, where recent floods destroyed an estimated 15,000 homes.“WFP has joined forces with other UN agencies and the Sudanese Government to get emergency supplies, including food and non-food items, moving quickly to the victims of the flooding,” said Kenro Oshidari, WFP Sudan Representative.Thousands of Sudanese people were driven from their homes by floods that began late last week and have now inundated dozens of communities across central Sudan.The agency plans to distribute food to 20,000 people in five locations near the city of Kassala, close to the Eritrean border, where the Gash River has burst its banks. WFP has 3,000 metric tons of food stockpiled in Kassala, enough to feed the flood victims for three weeks.The agency said in a news release that it will work in the coming days with other UN agencies to determine the full extent of the damage and the level of assistance that may be required in affected central Sudanese cities. The UN Mission in Sudan (UNMIS) is providing helicopters for the effort. read more

Local communities must be trained to combat humancaused wildfires UN says

19 April 2010With wildfires worldwide affecting an area larger than India each year, and up to 95 per cent of them caused by humans, it is essential that local communities be mobilized to control the scourge, according to a United Nations handbook released today. The risk, frequency, intensity and impacts of wildfires can be reduced through more integrated approaches to fire management, including fire detection and suppression but also monitoring, early warning, prevention and preparedness, says a new version of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) Wildland Fire Management Handbook for Trainers, co-published by the agency and the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.“When local communities benefit from protecting their natural resources they are more likely to be mobilized to prevent fires,” FAO Forestry Officer Pieter van Lierop said, noting that where people have a direct interest in protecting their natural resources, the number and size of unplanned wildfires started by them are likely to drop significantly. “There should be the right balance between activities involving suppressing fires and investing in costly forest-fire equipment on one hand, and establishing effective prevention and awareness-raising among local communities on the other,” he added. Globally, more than 350 million hectares, or 3,500,000 square kilometres, are estimated to be affected by vegetation fires each year, with about half or more of this area in Africa. By comparison the area of India totals 3,287,590 square kilometres.An estimated 150 to 250 million hectares of tropical forests, and 700,000 to 1 million hectares in the Mediterranean area suffer from fires every year. Ninety to 95 per cent of all such fires have a human cause, FAO said. The expansion of agriculture and other forms of land conversion in developing countries, negligence, increased use of wild lands for recreation, such as picnics and barbecues, and tourism in both developed and developing countries are among the causes for the increasing incidence and impacts of fires, many them intentionally set to clear land for agriculture but often burning much larger areas than originally intended.Simply banning burning is not a practical solution. “People will light fires anyway, even if it is legally banned, in order to clear land or to dispose of rubbish,” Mr. van Lierop said. “So it is more beneficial to train local communities in fire management and to develop alternative less harmful solutions with them. Burning land at the end of winter, for example, will lower the risk of bigger devastating fires.”Fire, while very destructive, can at the same time be a very useful land management tool if carefully timed and used. It is important that planned burning in ecosystems take place to maintain biodiversity, ensure regeneration, and forage production, FAO said.For instance, in Southern Africa controlled burning of savanna provides edible forage for animals and reduces the fire risk by reducing the accumulation of dry and inedible older grasses. In grassland ecosystems, fire is the primary mode of decomposition, crucial for returning nitrites to the soil and allowing the grasslands to sustain their high productivity.Successful fire management requires training of local communities to improve their knowledge of the impact of fire on food security and rural livelihoods. Land-use authorities and managers around the world need to be educated in ecological fire management. Creating special forest fire control units in each country is another important step to monitor and prevent disastrous forest fires. In Thailand, massive education and training programmes involving foresters and the general public have resulted in a reduction of indiscriminate burning by 30 per cent, the handbook says. “Developing countries should look into such positive practices and put more efforts into community-based fire management education and prevention of fires,” Mr. van Lierop added. read more

WatchAmazing deal or pricing error Air Canada glitch sets off classaction lawsuit

VANCOUVER — A mistake by Air Canada in offering a package of flights at just 10 per cent of the value has triggered a proposed class-action lawsuit by customers who thought they got an amazing deal.Court documents, filed in both Quebec and British Columbia, stated the flight pass was offered between Aug. 25 and Aug. 28 at just under $800, but customers were told days later the cost of 10 one-way business-class flights in the western U.S. or Canada was actually $8,000.The documents said Air Canada refused to live up to its contractual obligations and illegally removed the flight passes.Garrett Munroe, a lawyer with Munroe and Company, the B.C. firm behind the legal action, said the lawsuit could involve thousands of people, but only Air Canada knows exactly how many people purchased the deal.“Our view here is that Air Canada has made an enforceable contract, it delivered the flight packages to consumers and it has improperly taken them away,” he said in an interview.“Air Canada is duty bound and legally obligated to honour its bargain.”Ontario court certifies cargo price-fixing class-action lawsuit against Air CanadaAir Canada shares take a beating despite record second-quarter earningsNothing has been proven in court.Air Canada spokeswoman Angela Mah wouldn’t comment on the lawsuit but released a previous statement that said a “computer-loading error” was responsible for the “temporary mispricing.”“Air Canada has contacted purchasers to apologize and provided a refund,” the statement said.The airline said any flights already booked with the pass would be honoured.But Munroe said they want the courts to force Air Canada to live up to its original bargain.“They say it’s a mistake, but how much recklessness is reasonable in terms of allowing the website to show an offer that they don’t intend to be bound by,” he said.“It would create a significant amount of confusion and uncertainty in the marketplace if consumers were conducting business with the possibility that the merchant is going to come back and attempt to undo the deal that it made.”It was an attractive price and people bought the package expecting to be able to use it, he said. “It shouldn’t be up to the consumer to second-guess the merchant’s motivations in advertising a particular product for sale at a particular price.”The next step is to ask the courts in both provinces to certify the class-action lawsuit that would represent all those who ask to be part of it.“Rather than having tens-of-thousands of lawsuits, it can be dealt with as one,” Munroe noted.Even if Air Canada decided to honour the agreements for the same price now, that doesn’t take care of the legal action because the consumer has lost out on potentially planned trips, he said. read more

WatchSwoop Canadas first ultra lowcost airline to fly to US this October

Swoop will become Canada’s first ultra low cost airline to fly to the United States when it launches service this fall to five popular tourist destinations in Florida, Nevada and Arizona.The subsidiary of WestJet Airlines Ltd. will start Oct. 11 with flights to Las Vegas from Abbotsford, B.C., and Edmonton, Alta., about four months after Swoop began to fly.Service will be added over the following couple of weeks between Hamilton, Ont., and Las Vegas as well as to the Florida cities of Fort Lauderdale, Orlando and Tampa Bay. Flights between Edmonton and Phoenix will start Oct. 27.Most destinations will be serviced a few times per week but daily service will be flown between Edmonton and Las Vegas.The transborder service will be launched to these U.S. gateways as Swoop receives delivery of its fifth and sixth airplane, said Swoop president Steven Greenway.“They really blend well to the model that we provide in terms of low cost, high volume type of leisure profile that we definitely are targeting,” he said in an interview.Everyday one-way fares start as low as $149 including taxes and fees through April, however it will offer 4,100 seats at low promotional fares of $99 and $119 for travel booked online until Feb. 13.The airline’s model is based on passengers paying ancillary fees for additions such as bags, premium seats, and Wi-Fi that inflate travel costs depending on individual passenger needs.Swoop currently receives about $36 per passenger, twice the level at WestJet. But more of these non-fare revenues are expected to be generated as others services are added like car rental, hotel, third-party travel insurance and beefed up food and drink offerings.“As we mature, as we grow the airline, that’s really where we start seeing some differences,” Greenway added, declining to forecast potential per passenger ancillary revenues.WestJet’s goal is to use Swoop’s low fares to stimulate demand from people who don’t typically fly and help to repatriate some of the five million Canadian travellers who cross the border to depart from U.S. airports.“I think we can get a reasonable chunk both out of Abbotsford and Hamilton,” he said.While the low Canadian dollar is making U.S. flights more expensive, the launch of Swoop’s service should also help increase Canadian transborder demand and Americans flying to Western Canada, Greenway said, adding prices are likely not low enough to persuade Americans to fly out of Canada for destinations in their own country.The U.S. expansion will see Swoop operate to a mix of secondary airports — Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport — and highly popular ones like McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas where there are no alternatives.Swoop faces domestic competition largely from Kelowna-based ultra low cost rival Flair Airlines, Air Canada and WestJet but also from lower cost competitors like Sunwing and Transat with large tour operations on transborder and Caribbean routes, Cameron Doerksen of National Bank Financial wrote in a report.“We therefore see limited room for new (ultra low cost carriers) to capture significant sun destination traffic, unless it is sold at heavily discounted (and potentially unsustainable) fares.” read more

BATS Global Markets buys Direct Edge bringing together securities exchange operators

BATS Global Markets buys Direct Edge, bringing together securities exchange operators by The Associated Press Posted Aug 26, 2013 9:20 am MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email NEW YORK, N.Y. – Stock exchange operator BATS Global Markets is buying Direct Edge to create the nation’s second-biggest stock exchange.The new company will account for about 21 per cent of the approximately 6.5 billion shares that are traded daily on exchanges, according to BATS. It would leapfrog over the Nasdaq and rank behind the New York Stock Exchange.The combination is “an important milestone for the U.S. equities market,” said BATS CEO Joe Ratterman, who will serve as CEO of the merged company.The deal is part of a trend of consolidation among global stock exchanges. Technology has increased the speed at which trades are processed, but reduced the profit margins that exchanges can make on shares traded.Earlier this month, regulators approved a $8 billion sale of the NYSE to Atlanta-based IntercontinentalExchange, or ICE. The NYSE’s parent company was itself created by a merger of the NYSE Group and Europe’s Euronext exchange company.The NYSE has a market share of about 23 per cent and the Nasdaq has a market share of 18 per cent.The four U.S. stock exchanges run by BATS and Direct Edge will continue to operate.Both companies are privately owned. Direct Edge is owned by a consortium that includes International Securities Exchange, Knight Capital Group, Citadel Derivatives Group, The Goldman Sachs Group, and J.P. Morgan.BATS Global Markets is owned by a group that includes Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Citigroup, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank and Morgan Stanley.The combined company will use BATS technology and be headquartered in Kansas City, Mo.The deal is expected to close in the first half of next year. read more

Ahead of World Day two UN agencies launch course to end child

“To achieve zero hunger, we must also achieve zero child labour,” said José Graziano da Silva, Director-General of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), which designed the course along with the International Labour Organization (ILO). “Child labour is certainly a complex issue, and it cannot be tackled alone. We need strong partnerships, where everyone brings expertise and resources to the table,” added Mr. da Silva in remarks made earlier today at an event in Rome marking the World Day Against Child Labour. The End Child Labour in Agriculture e-course covers the sectors of crops, livestock, forestry, fisheries and aquaculture. Specifically, it consists of 15 lessons, ranging from about 30 to 65 minutes each, grouped into seven units: introduction to child labour in agriculture; identifying and coordinating stakeholders; assessing and generating data and knowledge; incorporating child labour in policies and strategies; addressing child labour in agricultural programmes; monitoring, evaluating and reporting; and developing capacity and communicating effectively. Towards zero child labour FAO and ILO noted that globally, nearly 60 per cent of all child labourers – almost 100 million girls and boys – work in agriculture. The worse forms of child labour include hazardous work that can harm their health and safety. Mr. da Silva highlighted that agricultural policies and programmes can play a unique role in addressing the root causes of child labour, and should be combined with adequate education systems that meet the needs of children and youth in rural areas. Together with social protection, and decent work policies for rural youth and adults, “we have the basic ingredients needed to end child labour in agriculture,” he said. Along those lines, Guy Ryder, ILO Director-General underscored that rural children should expect to benefit from quality education and decent work opportunities in their communities. “Our e-learning course sends a clear message that it is imperative to end child labour in agriculture. This tool will help to build the capacity of agricultural stakeholders as well as labour stakeholders – and others – to fully engage where they can best contribute,” he said. Good agricultural practices, new technologies can help The new e-course addresses the need to implement labour-saving technologies to reduce demand for child labour as well as safer agricultural practices to reduce hazardous working conditions. The agencies highlighted that an action as simple as properly training oxen used to plough can make a difference. In some places, where oxen are not well-trained, children are harnessed in front of them as guides, they noted. In addition, FAO and ILO emphasized that in many countries, children are commonly engaged in weeding. Technologies and practices that save time required for weeding – for example, systems of rice intensification using row planting combined with mechanical weeders – can therefore decrease the demand for child labour. The course was co-funded by the Government of the Netherlands. It is currently available in English and will soon be available in French and Spanish, the agencies said. read more

Adkins still mulling possible Senate run in 2020

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) – Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell could get another Democratic challenger in his reelection bid next year.Kentucky House Democratic leader Rocky Adkins says a U.S. Senate run remains an option for him, but he doesn’t plan to announce his decision until after this year’s election.- Advertisement – Adkins said Thursday he’s been encouraged to enter the Senate race, including from Democrats who didn’t support his bid for governor this year. Adkins finished second behind Andy Beshear in the Democratic gubernatorial primary.Since then, he’s campaigned with Beshear and backed a Democratic pension plan that failed in a special legislative session.Adkins spoke to reporters Thursday at the Kentucky Farm Bureau Country Ham Breakfast.Related Article: Adkins launches governor campaign with pitch to rural votersOther Democrats hoping to challenge the Republican McConnell include Amy McGrath, Mike Broihier, Steven Cox and Bennie Smith. read more

Robert Griffin III Must Protect Himself – Or Take

It is ironic that during the week the Washington Redskins devised a game plan to minimize exposure of their prized rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III to potentially vicious hits, Griffin got blasted by the Atlanta Falcons’ Shawn Witherspoon, causing a mild concussion.The Redskins were traumatized to see Griffin wobbled, but hope that he would be OK to play next week when they host the Minnesota Vikings. They also hope Griffin finally learned a lesson. There were no need for him to take that hit Sunday.He was not going to get to the end zone. There was ample time for him to throw away the ball and let the field goal unit come onto the field. Or he could have just sprinted out of bounds. Trying to cut back against two defenders that had the angle on him set himself up to take a legal but devastating hit from Witherspoon, jolting his head back before crashing to the turf.“We’d like to have him throw the football away when he’s outside of the pocket,” team leader London Fletcher said after the game, “and not take the hit like that.”It is admirable to be so competitive and to be willing to sacrifice his body. But Griffin has to be smarter. There is a lot of value to playing is conservative in order to stay on the field. He appears to be a smart guy, so it stands to reason Witherspoon hammered home the message of protecting himself.All he has to do is look at Michael Vick of the Philadelphia Eagles and see how much punishment he continues to take week after week through a reluctance to get out of bounds, slide feet forward or throw away the ball. Those are three options Griffin has to employ.Coach Mike Shanahan said Griffin was removed because he could not answer basic questions about the game, such as the score and what quarter it was. Griffin Tweeted that he will play next week against the Vikings, but, under league rules, Griffin will not be permitted to practice or play until he is cleared by neurologists that have no association with the Redskins.Without Griffin, the Redskins’ chances for success diminish exponentially. Rookie Kirk Cousins took advantage of busted Falcons coverage and hit Santana Moss for a 77-yard touchdown during his action replacing Griffin. He then threw two interceptions in his last two passes, helping Atlanta secure the win. The idea that Rex Grossman could return as starting quarterback makes Redskin fans everywhere as loopy as Griffin felt Sunday. Whenever he returns, Griffin must protect himself with wise decisions when under duress — or the kind of abuse Witherspoon inflicted will not be the last. read more

Richard Hammond injured in motorbike crash while filming in Mozambique

first_imgHammond’s co-star Jeremy Clarkson had told the newspaper: “He really did hurt himself quite badly.”But asked if fellow host Hammond went to hospital, Clarkson joked: “We don’t do hospitals.” Richard Hammond now presents The Grand Tour with James May and Jeremy Clarkson In a post, entitled ‘Yes, I fell off but yes, I’m fine. Sorry’, shared on motoring social media platform DriveTribe, Hammond confirmed the reports.He wrote: “Thanks for enquiries re my slight shunt whilst filming for GT. Richard Hammond has assured fans he is “fine” after falling off a motorbike “many times” while filming for The Grand Tour.The TV presenter was in a remote part of Mozambique in east Africa shooting the Amazon Prime programme when the accident occurred, according to The Sun. Richard Hammond was severely injured in a crash in 2006Credit:Barry Batchelor /PA Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Richard Hammond now presents The Grand Tour with James May and Jeremy ClarksonCredit:PA / Amazon Prime Video  Richard hammond James May and Jeremy Clarkson It comes 11 years after Hammond suffered life-threatening head injuries following a high-speed crash as he filmed for BBC’s Top Gear in 2006.The presenter was in a coma for two weeks following the 288mph accident, but made a full recovery. The Telegraph has approached Amazon for comment.  The other presenters were said to have been shaken by the incidentCredit:Paul Grover for the Telegraph “I can confirm that yes, I fell off a. bike, many times, in fact and yes, I banged my head and everything else. But life goes on (sic).” Richard Hammond crash scenelast_img read more

Dinu and Lecusanu back to the National Team

← Previous Story HBL: Fuchse Berlin surprised THW Kiel Next Story → Randers, Zvezda, Savehof and DVSC completed Champions League Luminita Dinu and Narcisa Lecusanu are coming back to the National Romanian Handball team, but this time not as players, but as a coach and national team director. The manager, Radu Voinea, has agreed to back up his squad with two legendary Romanian handball players. Dinu will participate in the World Cup in Denmark (from 21st to 26th September) as the goalkeeper’s coach, while Narcisa Lecusanu will be the new national director of the Romanian team.Both, Voinea and the two legendary handball players were delighted with the outcome, as Voinea now has very strong technical staff, while Dinu and Lecusanu were pleased to come back to the national team for which they played so many games, and had many historic moments. The aims were mutual, the winning of the upcoming World Cup, and the creation of even stronger national team. read more

Hungarian Final 2015 Veszprem – Szeged 10

← Previous Story Over 26.000 votes in first week of WORLD YOUNG PLAYER 2014/2015 Next Story → PHOTO: God gives trophy in Pulo’s hands! MKB MVM VeszpremPick Szeged One of the four best teams in Europe second year in a row, MKB MVM Veszprem are on the way to secure the new domestic Championship title. Antonio Carlos Ortega and his boys are only a victory away from the trophy after the success at the beginning of the Play-Off Final against Pick Szeged 29:23 at home.The second match will be played in Szeged on Tuesday, 18 hrs.MKB-MVM Veszprém-MOL-Pick Szeged 29-23 (12-15)Veszprém: Alilovic – Gulyás, Nagy L. 9, Chema Rodriquez 3, Ilics 6/1, Sulic 3 Iváncsik G, Mikler, Schuch, Terzic, Zeitz 1, Lékai 1, Nilsson 1, Ugalde 3, Marguc.MOL-Pick Szeged: Sierra – Prodanovics 2, Bombac 2, Zubai 2, Blazevic, Ilyés, Källman 5, Wyszomirski, Balogh 1, Parrondo 3/2, Vranjes 1, Robledo 5, Ancsin 2, Vadkerti. read more

Why was the Afghan government asked to ban Facebook

first_imgTHE AFGHAN GOVERNMENT has rejected a proposal to ban Facebook during an ongoing deadlock over the presidential election, despite fears that social media postings have fanned ethnic hatred.The backgroundThe dispute between candidates Ashraf Ghani and Abdullah Abdullah over alleged fraud in the June 14 election has triggered bitter Internet exchanges between rival supporters that threaten to spill into violence.Ghani attracts much of his support from the Pashtun tribes of the south and east, while Abdullah’s loyalists are Tajiks and other northern Afghan groups — echoing the ethnic divisions of the bloody 1992-1996 civil war.“The national security council discussed banning of Facebook in their meeting today,” Fayeq Wahedi, deputy presidential spokesman, told AFP. There are people on Facebook who spread hatred and cause damage to national unity, but after talks the council decided not to ban Facebook.Internet use has rocketed in Afghanistan in recent years, and supporters of both sides have been posting hostile messages and photographs since the fraud allegations erupted.Two weeks ago, the United Nations issued a warning that the Internet activity could spark civil unrest.“There has been a disturbing tone in some social media platforms, and we urge supporters… to refrain from inflammatory statements, hate speech or statements which promote divisive ethnic mobilization,” UN mission chief Jan Kubis said.He added some postings were “rhetoric that brings back memories of tragic, fratricidal, factional conflicts in the 1990s that cost the lives of tens of thousands of civilians”.Election result due soonAbdullah has vowed to reject the election result due out tomorrow, alleging he is the victim of “industrial-scale” fraud and calling for a thorough audit of ballot papers.But Ghani claims he won fairly by at least one million votes and said the result must be released on schedule after previous delays.The dispute has thrown Afghanistan’s first democratic transfer of power into turmoil as US-led troops withdraw after 13 years of fighting the Taliban insurgents and with aid money to the country set to fall in coming years.- © AFP, 2014Read: Taliban release video showing US soldier Bowe Bergdahl being released after 5 years>last_img read more

Damp squib FTAs under fire

first_imgNick Xenophon has slammed Australia’s record in establishing bilateral free trade agreements – a cornerstone of foreign policy for successive Australian governments in the past decade.Writing in his blog this week, the Independent senator said there was little evidence Australia was benefiting from deals. “FTAs are negotiated in secret between governments, signed and then presented to parliament for its rubber stamp. They have been beset by rosy predictions of a series of trade ministers – from both sides of politics – and their bureaucratic minders.“As the Productivity Commission concluded in 2010, in a detailed but widely overlooked report, multilateral and unilateral free trade measures are much more effective at delivering significant benefits to Australia.”Senator Xenophon added that he was concerned the Abbott government had stepped up involvement in such agreements, “pursuing deals with China and Pacific-rim countries in secret negotiations with no independent analysis of the trade-offs and costs involved”.The senator said there was little evidence the latest deals signed with South Korea and Japan would improve Australia’s terms of trade, economy or the nation’s overall well being. “Cheaper consumer goods for households eventually emerge, but at a huge cost to our manufacturing base, our natural trading strengths in agriculture and services, and our overall trade performance.”Last month the senator released an analysis of ABS trade figures that showed for each of the trade deals with Singapore, US, Thailand and Chile signed since 2003, Australia’s trade performance with those countries was worsening, not improving.Senator Xenophon said that since Australia signed an FTA with Thailand in 2005, annual imports have outpaced exports by an average of 14 per cent – or $7.8 billion last financial year.“South Korea and Japan are global car-making giants and the deals with [them] will bring more of their cars here, but risk hastening the demise of Australia’s auto sector and the 33,000 jobs in the car components sector.“Japan and Korea demanded and got lengthy lead-in times for lowering barriers to Australian agricultural products such as beef and just refused any progress on a raft of other farm products.”He added that Australia was “laughed at internationally as the ‘free trade Taliban’ because of our purist and fundamentalist approach to these issues, compromising our national interest for a free trade mantra. We get taken for mugs and this has to stop.”In July, ANU’s Associate Professor Matthew Rimmer told parliament’s Joint Standing Committee on Treaties (the only parliamentary process that examines the texts of FTAs after they are agreed by the government and made public), that Australia should become more “hard headed” about the agreements.“DFAT have been engaging in booster-ism about trade and sometimes are very reluctant to reveal some of the costs or trade-offs involved in certain agreements.“These deals produce big-bang headlines for governments but deliver damp squibs for Australia.”Senator Xenophon has vowed to introduce legislation in the spring sitting of parliament that would transform the way FTAs are negotiated and adopted.“These FTAs must be open to scrutiny and verification, rather than secrecy and exaggeration.“Our national interest demands that it’s time we all wised up.” Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

PSG president dismisses Football Leaks revelations as complete rubbish

first_imgParis Saint-Germain president Nasser Al-Khelaifi has no interest in allegations made against him by whistleblowers Football LeaksThe Qatari businessman is at the centre of Football Leaks’ latest scandal, who accuse Al-Khelaifi of engaging in a fraudulent attempt to escape UEFA’s Financial Fair Play (FFP) rules.PSG released a statement last week denying the claims made against their president.This comes in light of PSG and Manchester City both reaching settlements with the UEFA Club Financial Control Body (CFCB) in May 2014 over their FFP breaches.“Honestly, I do not look at that,” Al-Khelaifi told RMC Sport after PSG’s 1-1 Champions League draw with Napoli on Tuesday.“It’s complete rubbish. Winning our next games is the most important.”Opinion: Neymar will earn respect back from the PSG fans Tomás Pavel Ibarra Meda – September 14, 2019 After completing his incredible return to Parc des Princes, we predict that Neymar will earn the respect back from PSG supporters.The situation between Neymar…Al-Khelaifi also declared his satisfaction with the UEFA’s decision to use the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) technology in next season’s Champions League.However, PSG will be rueing the fact that VAR hadn’t been available on Tuesday night after Jose Callejon appeared to be offside in the build-up to Napoli’s equalising penalty.Lorenzo Insigne scored from the spot to cancel out Juan Bernat’s 45th-minute goal for PSG, who also claimed he was denied a penalty of his own.The draw with Napoli leaves PSG third in Group C and a point behind the top two.“We will have to win our last two games to qualify. Of course there is, there is certainly a penalty,” added Al-Khelaifi.“But we will accept. VAR is needed as quickly as possible. We lost two points for two errors of the referee.”last_img read more

Alaska News Nightly October 20 2014

first_imgStories are posted on the APRN news page. You can subscribe to APRN’s newsfeeds via email, podcast and RSS. Follow us on Facebook at and on Twitter @aprnDownload AudioParnell Meets With Guard MembersThe Associated PressGov. Sean Parnell met with Alaska National Guard members Sunday amid ongoing criticism about the administration’s response to allegations of sexual assault and other misconduct within the Guard.Gubernatorial Candidates Spar Over GaslineAlexandra Gutierrez, APRN – JuneauJust about every major gubernatorial candidate since Jay Hammond has made advancing a gasline part of their platform. This election is no different. With early field work being done on a project, Republican Gov. Sean Parnell and unaffiliated candidate Bill Walker are sparring over who can negotiate the best deal and who can close it.Elders and Youth Conference Kicks Off In AnchorageJennifer Canfield, KTOO – JuneauThe 30th annual Elders and Youth conference began Monday in Anchorage. The conference is held each year at the beginning of the same week as the Alaska Federation of Natives convention. The gathering is an opportunity for youth to discuss an array of issues relevant to Alaska Natives with support from their elders.Malaspina Crew Helps In Canada Rescue EffortLeila Kheiry, KRBD – KetchikanThe crew of the Alaska Marine Highway System ferry Malaspina participated in a weekend rescue effort in Canadian waters.Small Southeast Community Becomes New Alaska City The Associated PressA small community in southeast Alaska is the state’s newest city. A state commissioner signed incorporation documents last week for Edna Bay, which has a population of 49.Deadline Approaches For Fairbanks Air PlanDan Bross, KUAC – FairbanksThe clock is ticking toward the deadline for a plan for getting Fairbanks into compliance with federal air quality standards.  The state hasn’t given up on getting the fine particulate pollution plan in by a Dec. 31 Environmental Protection Agency deadline.Many Voters Irked At Deluge Of Negative Campaign AdsLiz Ruskin, APRNThe election is just two weeks from tomorrow, and many Alaskans can’t wait for the campaigns to end.Alaska is among a handful of states that will decide which party controls the U.S. Senate. Money is flooding in to pay for ads, mailers and door-to-door legwork in support of Sen. Mark Begich and Republican challenger Dan Sullivan. And the results aren’t always pretty.Attack Ads…With A TwistDave Waldron, KSKA – AnchorageIt seems to be fairly universal that everyone is growing weary of the constant barrage of attack ads. To help us lighten the mood a bit as we race to the November 4th finish line, KSKA’s Dave Waldron found a way to bring levity to the attack.last_img read more