Atalji the quintessential gentleman – How he made a difference

first_imgThis photograph from June 7, 2002, shows Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee in conversation with Union Law Minister Arun Jaitley at the launch of the third edition of the Constitution in Urdu, in New Delhi PTI SHARE SHARE EMAIL Published on A leader for the ages – ahead of his times, writes Narendra Modi Atalji’s demise is referred to by many as the end of an era. I, however, consider it the continuation of the era of which he laid the foundation. His political journey shaped his ideology. His convictions were shaped by his deep commitment to the nation, [right] from his student days, when he was associated with the Quit India movement, to the time he joined the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, and was then associated with Syama Prasad Mookerjee as one of the founders of the Bharatiya Jana Sangh. During his early days in the [Bharatiya] Jana Sangh, he was associated with the ‘Kashmir Satyagraha’, which sought to lift several restrictions on Indian citizens in relation to the State (Jammu and Kashmir). He was, along with Mookerjee, a strong opponent of the Liaquat-Nehru pact.His speeches as a young parliamentarian on the Tibet crisis, and the 1962 war debacle, left their impact on all.At a young age, he became a principal face of the Jana Sangh. He travelled the country and was hailed as a charismatic orator. He once told us that till the mid-1980s, most of his travel was either by train or by road. At times, even in buses. During his tours, he mostly stayed in the homes of political workers. This was when a young party was being built up.Disillusionment with the Congress had started after the 1962 China war debacle. It was at this stage that [Ram Manohar] Lohia pioneered the slogan of ‘Congress hatao, desh bachao’ (Supplant Congress, save the country) and seat coordination in critical by-elections between Lohia, Pandit Deendayal Upadhyaya and Acharya Kripalani had begun. Deendayalji, along with his political team, mostly young leaders in their 30s, was busy creating an organisational structure of the party. It bore results in 1967 when the Jana Sangh emerged with a large contingent of MPs in Parliament, won absolute majority in the National Capital Territory of Delhi, and made [for] a sizeable presence in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Punjab. After Deendayalji’s sudden demise, the mantle of the Jana Sangh leadership fell on Atalji. Not compromising with the party’s core beliefs, he started coordinating with other political parties and became a nationally-respected and acceptable face of the Jana Sangh. He had an ability to rise above partisan interests; this he displayed by strongly standing behind the government during the 1971 war. In 1974, the Jana Sangh, under Atalji, plunged into the movement led by Jayaprakash Narayan and gave it its core strength. The Jana Sangh fought the battle against Emergency and for restoration of democracy under his leadership. After a brief experience in the Janata Party government, the Jana Sangh was back to square one. The merger of the Jana Sangh and other political parties in the Janata Party had failed. It was a short-lived experiment. Thus, in 1980, he revived the Bharatiya Janata Party. The inaugural session of the BJP saw the aspirational cadre with self-belief chanting ‘Pradhan mantri ki agli bari (next turn to be prime minister) – Atal Bihari, Atal Bihari’.When the BJP was formed, it suffered initial isolation. Its parliamentary presence was minimal. It faced its lowest ebb in 1984. Notwithstanding this adversity, the duo of Atalji and LK Advaniji held on to their political space and remained determined to expand the BJP. [The BJP grew] from 89 Lok Sabha seats in 1989, to 121 seats in 1991, to 166 seats in 1996, and finally 183 seats in 1998. The once-isolated BJP had now become the centre-stage party of Indian politics. Atalji led the party to great victories in 1998 and 1999 and had a successful tenure as a Prime Minister. India witnessed the demolition of a single-party domination in the electoral space. The BJP had expanded its geographical and social base.Atalji’s political styleThe essential aspect of his political journey, true to his name ‘Atal’ was determination. In the world’s largest democracy, it was only the Congress that dominated in the first few decades. Atalji created an alternative, which in the last two decades became larger and bigger than the Congress. Along with Advaniji, he created a second line leaders both at the centre and in the States. He was always open to ideas; always gave priority to national interest; was always at ease in dealing with both friends and opponents, and never allowed himself to get into any petty controversy. He had no personal enemies since he spoke mostly on issues rather than individuals. He was a wordsmith. He could use the facility of language to get out of any challenging situation. What he will be remembered for most will be his oration both in Parliament and outside. In Parliament, he was heard in pin-drop silence. In his public meetings, audiences waited for hours before he could arrive. His oration was always blended with humour. His ability for an instant response was unmatched. His choice of words, his turn of phrases, the poetry that he injected in his expression, gave him the ability to even explain the most complicated issue in a simple language. Tenure as Prime MinisterHis coalition government at different points in time had the Akali Dal, Shiv Sena, J&K National Conference, the Janata Dal (U), the Trinamool Congress, BJD, TDP, DMK, AIADMK, besides individuals like KC Pant and Ramakrishna Hegde.The nuclear test in 1998 was a defining moment of his government. He went out of the way to work for peace with Pakistan. But when the need arose, he inflicted a severe blow to it[Pakistan] in Kargil. Both Pokhran and Kargil were his high points. On the economic front, he was a liberaliser. National highways, rural roads, better infrastructure, a telecom policy that was pragmatic, a new electricity law are all evidence of this. In any intra-governmental debate, his nod inevitably was for the liberal economic view. He corrected the foreign policy imbalance in the changed global environment.Several personal traitsAs Prime Minister, he was never harsh on either the bureaucrats or his ministers. In polite but firm language he could convey more to his subordinates than what he desired. The Cabinet meetings that he presided over lasted hours. He allowed a discussion on almost every subject, and eventually reconciled the conflicting viewpoints depending on their merits. He loved food. Those who were ministers in his government still occasionally speak about the quality of snacks served in his Cabinet meetings. He even loved to experiment with food when he travelled internationally. In India, he had his own favourite places in various cities, and, occasionally, when he got out of the trains in the morning, he would have breakfast on one of them before reaching home.The poet in him also created a dreamer. He dreamt of his own vision. Many of those were born out of his idealism. In fact, several lines of different poems that he wrote reflected his own mood.During the Emergency, he had a serious problem with his back. While in detention, he was brought to the All India Institute of Medical Sciences for treatment. His orthopaedic doctor asked him how the pain could occur if he were in the habit of sitting up straight. “Kya aap jhuk gaye the? (were you given to bending much?)”, to which, the man in pain, not losing his sense of humour, replied in the context of the Emergency:“Jhukna toh seekha nahin, doctor saheb. Yun kahiye mud gaye honge (I have never bent, doctor. Say this: that I may have twisted myself)”The incident made him pen down on his hospital bed his famous lines against the Emergency: “Toot sakte hain, magar hum jhuk nahi sakte (I may falter but I will never bend)”This poem became one of the most distributed pamphlets during the Emergency.Atalji was a democrat. His political style was liberal. He accepted criticism. He was a product of parliamentary democracy and, therefore, valued consensus. He bore no malice. He communicated even with those who disagreed. Whether in Opposition or the Government, his attitude never changed. He was an iconic communicator unparalleled in recent history. All this added to his charisma. His greatest asset was his credibility where he was never in any controversy. Yet, in an era dominated by the Nehruvian Congress, he created a political party which was an ideological alternative to the Congress, [a party] which disagreed on various issues with the Congress, which took the Congress head on, struggled for almost five decades, and, in the last two decades, not only became an alternative to Congress but overtook it.Atalji ran a marathon. He was a patient runner. But for him, Advaniji and their other colleagues, Indian democracy would have looked different — dominated by one party, one family, with a lot of scattered smaller parties. That did not happen. Atalji and his colleagues made the difference. Atalji has left the world. But the era of which he laid the foundation will prosper even more. That is the Vajpayee legacy.The writer is Union Finance Minister. He held several portfolios in the Vajpayee government of 1999-2004 August 17, 2018 COMMENT RELATED Vajpayee cremated with state honours death celebrity people SHARE Global tributes pour in; South Asia mourns COMMENTSlast_img read more

Kerala police may review Sabarimala security plan

first_img SHARE SHARE EMAIL Kerala COMMENT sabarimala Activists marched towards shrine, protesting against the SC verdict The Kerala police may have to review the security cordon at the Sabarimala shrine as it briefly crumbled earlier this week before the collective strength of Sangh Parivar activists.On the intervening night of Monday-Tuesday and into Tuesday night, the writ of the activists ran at the shrine for hours. The police requested the assistance of a well-known RSS leader who pacified the crowd near the sanctum. The crowd was agitated over the presence of women pilgrims, who it thought were of the restricted 10-50 year age group. The Parivar activists have been demanding that the shrine retain its traditions and continue with the restriction.A 1,300-strong police force headed by Ajay Yadav, Additional Director General of Police, and Superintendents of Police Rahul R Nair and Sanjaykumar Gurudin was present to control the crowd. Order was restored after the police convinced the crowd that the women were above 50 years of age. The brief collapse in security may force police to review its level of preparedness.Major developments are scheduled to take place over the next few days. The five-day ‘rath yatra’ by the BJP-NDA from Kasaragode to Pathanamthitta, will begin on Wednesday and end on November 13, the day on which the Supreme Court will examine a batch of review petitions against its order of September 27.On November 17, the shrine will reopen for the annual Mandala Puja-Makaravilakku festival which will last until late December.The deployment of police and security apparatus around the shrine needs to be shored up for this extended period, said observers. police Activists attack a media car during protests against the Supreme Court verdict, at Sabarimala, Kerala   –  Leju Kamal Published on COMMENTS November 07, 2018 SHARElast_img read more

New broadcast tariff TV channel rates may fall further says TRAI

first_imgtelevision SHARE SHARE EMAIL With the new broadcast tariff regime set to come into effect for consumers from February 1, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) said prices of many TV channels and bouquets of channels have witnessed a reduction in the past four weeks.As per an analysis by the telecom and broadcast regulator, in the last four weeks a-la-carte prices of nearly 148 channels have been reduced by 27 broadcasters. At the same time, 15 broadcasters have reduced prices of 67 bouquets in the same period. Meanwhile, broadcasters have also re-introduced 93 bouquets with reduced prices. All the broadcasters have declared the a-la-carte and bouquet pricing of their TV channels in line with the new broadcast tariff order.SK Gupta, Secretary, TRAI, told BusinessLine said, “This clearly indicates that whenever there is an actual competition in a sector and the market forces come into play, prices will go down. We believe this trend will be further visible in 2-3 months as the competition shapes up further .”Gupta said TRAI has also launched a “Channel Selector Application” on its Web site for consumers to calculate their monthly bills and also get information about the MRPs of the channels they want to select. Designed on the lines of an online shopping cart, this tool, the regulator believes, will help TV subscribers choose the favourite channels and how much they need to pay monthly. “Some consumers have expressed the concern that if they have already exercised their options and if the prices of those TV channels get further reduced, whether they will be able to get benefits of these reduced prices. They can still get the benefit even if they have exercised their options early as the migration of subscribers will happen only on February 1,” he added.Asked about the progress on the ground regarding the execution of the migration plan by MSOs and DTH service providers, Gupta said that the regulator has seen positive feedback and is hopeful that majority of TV subscribers will exercise their option before January 31.“TRAI has been actively communicating to consumers through social media and SMS to exercise the choice without waiting for the last minute,” he added.In the new regulatory framework, payments made to DTH and MSOs by subscribers will consist of two components — Network Capacity Fee and MRPs of pay channels. COMMENTS January 17, 2019 COMMENT TRAI SHARE Published onlast_img read more

the baby eats complementary feed constipation how to do how does of

first_img4. uses fertilizerLove Shanghai is the same as a city Black or glycerine is lubricant darling bowel path. The round taper that cuts soap pencil quality of work, about 3 centimeters long soap, use a few water first after embellish is wet again slowly insert darling anus inside. Let soap as far as possible keep period of time more inside anus, in order to achieve the effect that path of sufficient stimulation free wriggles. Perhaps open the wrapping paper of glycerine bolt, slowly a place of strategic importance enters darling anus, press gently press anus, keep moment more as far as possible, after melting in order to make glycerine bolt sufficient again defecate. If above method did not alleviate darling constipation circumstance, darling constipation is serious instead1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend , should take darling in time to go to a hospital treating so. 2. drinks water more. The amount drinking water that should increase costive darling and the frequency that drink water, summer should increase darling more water quantity. In addition, still answer to drink bone soup or fish to darling moreLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch Soup, eat congee more. 3. is massaged to darling. Mom pronation, smooth put in darling hilum ministry, clockwise light jog is kneaded. Massage law can accelerate darling bowel path to wriggle to promote defecate then, and conduce to darling digest food. He adds complementary feed. Feed appropriately feed the vegetable mud and peach mud food that contains cellulose, can prevent constipation. Bigger darling can add the food that serves some of slippery bowel, if contain the vegetable with more cellulose to be like celery, leekLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch Dish. Remind mom, darling normally mostNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum Eat early complementary feed, banana and rice, can cause constipation to most darling. Rice and banana all the time since be regarded as the introductory food of darling, suit darling most actually inchoate add complementary feeding should be meter of paste, peach the food such as mud, plum mud, carrot mud. last_img read more

New look for same refreshing brew

first_img Central Region “While the brand looks modern and new, our beer is still brewed with the same natural ingredients and same attention to quality that gives Carlsberg that same great taste.”Carlsberg is also out to reward its fans with a nationwide consumer promotion from now to September, with the chance to become “Probably The Best Beer Master” up for grabs.Not only are winners entitled to an all-expense-paid trip to Carlsberg Malaysia’s brewery, they also get to bring along a friend and go through an informative “art of beer” session towards becoming Probably The Best Beer Master, which comes with a certificate upon completion. Winners get to enjoy 12 cartons of 24x320ml supply of free Carlsberg.For Carlsberg bottles enjoyed at restaurants and coffeeshops, simply check the underside of the bottle cap for a chance to win the grand prize to be Probably The Best Beer Master. Consumers can also collect 24 bottle caps to get a limited-edition Carlsberg T-shirt, or 12 bottle caps to get one 320ml Carlsberg can. The promotion ends July 31 in Peninsular Malaysia, and runs from Aug 1 to 31 in Sabah and Sarawak.From Aug 1 to 31, Carlsberg drinkers enjoying draught and bottled beer at participating bars, pubs and bistros will get gift cards for a chance to be Probably The Best Beer Master. They can also get a limited-edition Carlsberg T-shirt which comes in two collectible designs, for every 10 gift cards collected. Meanwhile, every purchase of two bottles or cans of Carlsberg at convenience stores from Aug 1 to Sept 30 will also give consumers a chance to win simply by snapping and sending their receipt as a proof of purchase. Golf 19 May 2019 Carlsberg Classic off and running Tags / Keywords: Analyst Reports 10 Jul 2019 Kenanga maintains Market Perform on Carlsberg, TP raised to RM23.95 Carlsberg gets a new look this month. Changes to the beer brand’s look and feel are most visible on its packaging, coupled with practical improvements that see a new fresh cap on Carlsberg bottles. The same great brew is also served in premium-looking stem glasses as well as cans that come in easy-to-open packs.“At Carlsberg, we care about how our beer is made and enjoyed, a constant ‘pursuit of better’ inspired by our founder JC Jacobsen throughout our history of more than 170 years,” said Carlsberg Malaysia managing director Ted Akiskalos.“From our yeast and barley to our packaging and glassware, we believe it must always be possible to do things better, hence the introduction of a new look and feel for Carlsberg. Related News Carlsberg’s new look and feel is most visible on its packaging, with a new fresh cap on Carlsberg bottles. The cans also come in easy-to-open packs. Metro News 31 May 2019 Going all red for live match party Related News {{category}} {{time}} {{title}}last_img read more

Getting into the groove of the night

first_imgThe Sons of Adam pay tribute to Carlos Santana at Level 9 on July 27 as part of Race Two, Lap Two of Karamjit Singh’s Rally Thru The Valley of Rock. Tel: 03-6201 0318 Backyard has been kicking out the jams for over two decades and shows no signs of slowing down on the action. Monday nights are usually pretty low-key but there is definitely more in store as the week rolls along.BATS18-GF & 18-1, Jalan Telawi 2,Bangsar, KLServing up a double-header, Bats does not disappoint. Downstairs, the Bistro is open from 8am for an all-day-dining experience, while upstairs, in the Club, the stage is set for some magical fun after dark when the bands live it up. Monday nights are DJ nights so there’s no band but what they have will not fail to disappoint.DOUBLE UP BISTROMezzanine Floor, G07-G09,Kelana Damansara Suite, Jalan SS6/2, PJAnother new hotspot in the heart of Kelana Jaya, with a lounge-like feel and comfortable seating all around. A great place to chill out, and there’s live music most nights, with a selection of bands carefully curated by Mizan to set the night on fire.TEN125, Jalan Gasing, PJIt’s back to the regular programming but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be a boring night out as Ten keeps it crazy from the stage.MANDOLINPlaza Glomac Kelana Jaya, PJTel: 03-7885 9110 / 7886 8434A good place to chill out and groove with the sounds of the band stirring things up.ONLINE32, Jalan SS20/10,Damansara Kim, PJTel: 03-7728 0532Online is one of those special places where your cares seem to just melt away on taking your first step inside. Chekdet entertains on Monday evenings. OVERFLOW BISTRO AND PUB6, Jalan SS22/21,Damansara Jaya, PJA new kid on the block, Overflow serves up six nights of great music for the fans. Expect some familiar faces on the scene as well as a few surprises at this joint.ROCK BOTTOM KITCHEN & BAR42, Changkat Bukit Bintang, KLWhen you get the feeling that everything’s going right, it’s got to be about Karma with Mathan and Arab teaming up for a blast alongside Lynn and Mira.ROCK BOTTOM BANGSAR3&5, Jalan Telawi 2,Bangsar, KLMonday nights are all about Mizan and Kyra as they get down to sing out strong for the crowd in the heart of Bangsar. WHERE ELSE @ SUNWAY108, Ground Floor, Block B3,Leisure Commerce Square,Jalan PJS 8/9, Bandar SunwayTel: 03-7877 1888Where Else is a hotspot for pool that also knows how to keep the party beats alive with musicians appearing on stage. Now, the Bluez Bugs get into the thick of things on Monday nights as they rock the crowd.TUESDAY3 MONKEYS2, Jalan Kasuarina 3,Bandar Botanic, KlangTel: 03-3318 2278Hometown hero Gerard Singh is back in action out in Klang for his regular Tuesday night gig.AFTERWERKScott Garden,Jalan Kelang Lama, KLTel: 03-7982 0700Tuesday nights in Afterwerk are for couples with 2 For The Road taking the stage to spice up the evening.BACKYARDFor a taste of something completely different, check out Arumugam goes to Alabama for a blast of fusion vibes with a dose of the sitar and tabla.BATSTuesdays are going to be a fun night out in Bats with Sherman Tan bringing the forces of K-Oz home to roost in Bats from 9.30pm onwards. Expect everything from evergreen numbers to today’s top hits, delivered in a way that only Sherman and his crew know how to do.ONLINETam the troubadour lives it up in Online on Tuesday nights, serving up some magic with just his guitar and his voice.ROCK BOTTOM KITCHEN & BARTuesday night everything goes Sky High in Rock Bottom over in Changkat Bukit Bintang.ROCK BOTTOM BANGSARGet set for a bit of Double Trouble with the Net Baker Band.WEDNESDAYAFTERWERKFor something a little different, explore some Cantopop vibrancy with the Duo out in Old Klang Road.THE BARREL IRISH PUB32, Jalan Kasuarina 11/7,Bandar Botanic, Klang.Tel: 03-3318 9153There’s another hotspot brewing out in Klang. On Wednesday nights, the Double J Band entertains.BATSIt’s Ladies Night in the heart of Bangsar and Bats has just the band to keep the party going. Kaya is on stage for a blast.RED PENGUIN88a, Jalan Burhanuddin Helmi 2, TTDI, Kuala LumpurAnother new hospot in town, the Red Penguin is just starting up but it has some good vibes on offer. Wednesday nights see the veteran Victor M on stage in the heart of TTDI.TOM, DICK & HARRY’S OASISR-13A, Jalan PJU 1A/7A,Central Piazza Oasis, Ara Damansara, PJTel: 03-7859 7858Alan Murillon continues to thrill the crowd but this time he has Mark V in tow to turn up the heat after dark.WHERE ELSE @ SUNWAYIt’s all about the blues on Wednesday nights in Where Else, with some great things happening from the stage.THURSDAYBATSSherman Tan and K-Oz are back in the saddle for more of their familiar favourites.HANGOVERD-37-01, Dataran 3 Two Square,2, Jalan 19/1, PJOn Thursday nights, be sure to join 9 Lives as they team up with veteran showman Arab to set the night on fire in Petaling Jaya.ROCK BOTTOM BANGSARIt’s Ladies Night and Rock Bottom keeps the party going with all-girl group Astra Malaysia getting into the groove of things from the stage.FRIDAYAFTERWERKThe MIB band are in the house to provide a dose of Bornean magic on stage. {{category}} {{time}} {{title}} Rachel Guerzo sings out strong with some great jazzy vibes at Alexis KL. Metro News 29 Jun 2019 Turning on the rhythms of the night Tags / Keywords: ALEXISLot 10 & 11,Great Eastern Mall,303, Jalan Ampang, KLTel: 03-4260 2288 Next week, it’s pretty much the regular fare at Alexis but fans of Elton John can look forward to July 26 when ROZZ is in the house to pay tribute to the Rocketman.BACKYARDFriday nights are always good nights in the Backyard with Union, taking it to the 1980s.BATS Friday nights are made for fun with the Fame’d project band getting into the groove in Telawi’s party zone central.HANGOVER PJSoul Statue rules the stage in Hangover PJ every Friday. Fresh from the launch of their first EP, the band is thrilled to keep on rocking.TOM, DICK & HARRY’S OASISRockers Hydra are in the house to blow your socks off as only they know how to. TENFor a dose of rocking good fun, head down to Ten for the Eurasian Trio as they rock the vibe in a way that only they can.WHERE ELSE @ SUNWAYOn Friday nights, it’s more rock and blues as a selection of bands plays it up on rotation in the heart of Sunway.SATURDAYALEXISTonight, Rachel Guerzo keeps it real in the heart of Ampang as she joins her trio for a night of jazzy vibes.BACKYARDSoul Statue is back in the house for their regular Saturday night gig in the heart of Sri Hartamas.THE BARREL IRISH PUBOn Saturday nights, Higher Ground gets into groove at the Barrel.COBRA CLUBLorong Utara B, Section 52, Petaling JayaIt’s not just a rugby club but also a place to chill and unwind.HANGOVER PJTwo more Saturdays left to catch the Hillary Ang Project on stage, as the legendary guitarist pulls out a stop alongside some of his friends.LEVEL 9 29, Jalan USJ1/1A, Regalia Business Centre, Subang JayaLegendary rally driver Karamjit Singh knows a thing about rock and roll so when he decides to put together a series, you know it’s going to be fun. Tonight, Karamjit’s Rally Thru The Valley of Rock Race Two, Lap Two continues in Subang with a special tribute to Creedence Clearwater Revival, or CCR as some of you might know the band as. The Band of Brothers will be pulling out all the stops to get some country rock grooves going on. On July 27, the Sons of Adam will be featured as they pay tribute to another legend, Santana, as the go the Latin-themed rock route.ONLINEThis week, the Temple of Rock gets back into the groove with Sharin screaming from the stage with the rest of his Trio. SUNDAYBACKYARDThe DoubleAze duo are back on stage in Backyard to entertain with two guitars to groove. Metro News 20 Apr 2019 Getting into the rhythms of the night MONDAYBACKYARD28, Jalan Sri Hartamas 8,Taman Sri Hartamas, KL Related News Metro News 22 Jun 2019 Getting into the groove after dark Related News Central Region , On taplast_img read more

Fire breaks out at Nandaram market in Kolkata

first_img India Today Web Desk New DelhiJuly 13, 2019UPDATED: July 13, 2019 17:03 IST PTI image used for representation.A major fire broke out on Saturday afternoon at Nandaram market in Kolkata in West Bengal. At least six fire tenders are present at the spot and the attempts to douse the fire are underway.The fire was reported from the 9th floor of Nandaram market.The cause of the fire has not been ascertained yet. An investigation in the case has been initiated.The same market was gutted in a major fire nearly a decade ago. It was repaired and the business establishments had resumed work then.More details are awaited in the Nandaram market fire.Also Read | Gurugram: 100 shanties gutted, 7-month-old infant dead in fireAlso Watch | Fire breaks out at high-rise in Kolkata’s Park StreetFor the latest World Cup news, live scores and fixtures for World Cup 2019, log on to Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for World Cup news, scores and updates.Get real-time alerts and all the news on your phone with the all-new India Today app. Download from Post your comment Do You Like This Story? Awesome! Now share the story Too bad. Tell us what you didn’t like in the comments Posted byChanchal Chauhan Fire breaks out at Nandaram market in KolkataThe cause of the fire has not been ascertained yet. An investigation in the case has been initiated.advertisement Nextlast_img read more