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Clarkson on flag-bearing duty for opening ceremonies: I’m excited, honored

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Lindener jailed on gun, ammo charges

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Soil District Employee Pleads Guilty To Accepting Bribe

first_imgBy John BurtonFREEHOLD – An official responsible for soil conservation for property developments pleaded guilty Tuesday to accepting a bribe.John Tonon, a 51-year-old Manasquan resident and district official for the Freehold Soil Conservation District pleaded guilty in state Superior Court to official misconduct and bribery, according to the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office.Tonon had solicited a $700 bribe from a builder constructing a home in Hazlet, authorities said.The prosecutor’s office initiated an investigation after getting a tip and used an undercover officer to catch Tonon on tape accepting the $700, authorities said.Tonon was a resource conservationist for the Freehold Soil Conservation District. As a conservationist, Tonon would inspect construction sites for soil erosion, storm water run-off and sedimentation problems that can occur from land disturbances caused by building.During a walk-through at the Hazlet construction site, Tonon told the builder that the Freehold Soil Conserva­tion District inspections and subsequent reports could cost between $1,400 and $3,000. Tonon, the prosecutor’s said, offered to speed up the process and offered the needed approvals for the property in exchange for the $700 payoff.These approvals, authorities said, would allow the developer to obtain the needed certificate of occupancy for the property.Tonon met with a person he believed to be the builder’s partner, but was, in fact, an undercover detective, who recorded the conversations. Authorities said Tonon accepted the bribe, promising the quick issuance of soil approvals.Tonon is expected to appear in court again on Oct. 5. Under the terms of the negotiated plea agreement, the prosecutor will recommend that Tonon receive a five-year prison term in a state facility, with a two-year statutorily mandated period of parole ineligibility, authorities said.The Freehold Soil Conser­vation District, where Tonon worked, is responsible for inspections in Monmouth and Middlesex counties. It is one of 15 districts in the state, responsible for soil and water resources management and conservation.last_img read more

Training a Thoroughbred for Monmouth Park

first_imgArt Petrosemolo will follow Rainbow At Midnite when she returns to Monmouth Park in April and will be at the rail when she goes to the starting gate for her first race. By Art PetrosemoloVeteran New Jersey thoroughbred trainer John Mazza and owner Rosemarie Shockley are getting close to an answer for their $64,000 question.Exercise rider heading to the track for early morning workout at Gulfstream Park, Hallandale, Fla.After two years of careful handling, good food, vitamins, visits to the vet, romping in the paddock and Florida training, Mazza and Shockley soon will know if their group of Holly Crest thoroughbreds have what it takes to succeed in the sport of kings.Two-year-old gray filly Rainbow At Midnite and her six stablemates will relocate from Florida’s Circle S ranch to Monmouth Park soon for final race-ready preparations before their first start. Midnite’s sister Holy Rainbow, a three-year-old, has run well at Florida’s Gulfstream Park with two solid third-place finishes. It has pleased Mazza and Shockley and has given them hope for Midnite.Mazza, who has trained Vincent Annaralla’s horses at Holly Crest Farm in Locust, for years, says, “training is not an exact science. Everyone goes about it a little different. But with correct breeding, proper handling and good training, you could – if the horse has a competitive spirit – have a fast and successful thoroughbred.”Translated, fast and successful means capable of succeeding in allowance and even stakes races and not missing a paycheck! “If the horse just doesn’t have the speed or the heart to be a winner,” continues Mazza, “then you hope the genes are good so that he or she might pass it along to offspring.”Two year olds enjoy the Florida sun in the Circle S paddock.Thoroughbred training is a long and expensive process. Horses are foaled in the winter (hopefully January to March) and grow under the watchful eye of the broodmare and the farm staff. Food, care and surroundings all contribute to early growth as horses stay with their mothers for most of their first year. (Every thoroughbred ages one year on Jan. 1.)During its second year, the thoroughbred, now called a yearling, continues to grow and mature with other yearlings spending the warm months in grassy paddocks. As they turn two, trainers and owners decide when and if the yearling will be broke and readied for the track. There are special trainers and farms in the southern United States that specialize in getting these feisty fillies and colts to mature before the final exam at a racetrack a few months away.Third generation trainer Tim Kelly is preparing the Holly Crest hopefuls for racing this year at Circle S Ranch in Florida horse country about a half-hour from Gulf­stream Park. Kelly says when the two year olds arrive at the farm – usually in December – they spend the first month getting used to people and being touched and handled. “We brush them, talk to them, clean their feet and bathe them daily,” he says. “These horses have spent the first two years of their lives growing and playing with minimum human contact.”A pair of Holly Crest Farm two year olds work out on the soft track at Circle S Ranch.Kelly then begins to get each thoroughbred comfortable with the racing equipment including saddle cloth, saddle and bridle. “This is the first time these animals have had anything in their mouths,” he says, “and it isn’t natural.”It could be as long as eight weeks in the training program before a thoroughbred feels the weight of an exercise rider on its back and it doesn’t like it. Says Kelly, “Anything on a horse’s back is a predator and the horse will try to buck him off in self defense.” The phrase “breaking horses” comes from getting the horse to break the habit of resisting being ridden.The maturing but still feisty two year olds train six days a week and start by learning to walk, jog and gallop in a round pen, attached to a tether and then under the hands of the exercise rider. The thoroughbred then learns how to respond to the rider’s steering through the bridle by walking and jogging in figure eights and other patterns in a larger pen.But it isn’t all work, all day, says Mazza; two year olds spend the afternoons enjoying Florida weather grazing in large, shaded paddocks.Holy Rainbow in her morning workout at Gulfstream Park.Once the two year old is schooled, Kelly moves them to the training track. At Circle S, the oval is one-half mile with a starting chute and starting gate. “The surface is deep and soft,” says Mazza, “which allows the horses to develop bone and muscle.” The two year olds train un-shoed until their feet reach adult size in early spring and they may only have their front feet shoed to start.Horses work in groups. At Circle S, they are trained in pairs. “We have horses gallop in front of each other so the trailing horse gets used to sand in its face,” Kelly explains. They also gallop beside each other so they get used to running in close quarters and they change positions during each session, each day.Rainbow At Midnite gallops on the soft surface at Circle S Ranch getting ready for her debut at Monmouth Park later this spring.Mazza and Shockley make the trip to Circle S each week to watch the two year olds and confer with Kelly on their training. Mazza can tell when a “baby” (as he calls them) is progressing as expected. “You can tell the way they walk, jog, gallop and carry themselves,” he says.It’s all about bringing a horse along at the right pace, Mazza feels. “I am old school,” he smiles, “and I take the extra time to get the two year old ready. I only have one chance with each horse to do it right and I don’t want to rush it.” Mazza wants to see a two year old come back from a mile gallop unwinded and ready for more. When Holly Crest horses arrive at Monmouth Park in April, Mazza says he continues to bring them along slowly until he is sure they are ready for their first race.Trainer John Mazza watches a pair of Holly Crest two year olds exercise on the Circle S training track.Two year olds are not timed while in the breaking process. Trainers won’t have any idea of what speed these horses have and whether they might be better for short or long races until they “breeze” (gallop) 5/8 of a mile later this spring at their home track. It’s then that trainers will begin to get the answer to the $64K question on whether these young thoroughbreds have what it takes. The first final exam – a maiden race against other two year olds for a purse – comes soon after. And only then will Mazza and Shockley get their first real answer to whether they have a winner.last_img read more

Red Bank ‘Soupmeister’ Says Goodbye After 25 Years

first_imgRED BANK – Though specialty soup recipes are his passion, it’s the relationships Gary Sable will miss most when he hangs up his ladle and moves out of the narrow quarters he’s called home for the last 25 years. Sable said chicken pot pie has been his signature menu item. It was a painstaking process to crack the code and figure out the best way to make it. A resident of Keansburg, Sable plans to practice his craft from time to time at the soup kitchen at the Center for Community Renewal, next to St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, 247 Carr Ave., Keansburg. “But I say that with affection,” he added. “That’s the one people love most. And I came up with it the same way I did everything else. All of these soups come from experimentation at home on the family for Sunday dinner,” Sable said. “If they didn’t spit it out and everything turned out OK, then I’d bring it down here.” “Steve is a great guy who has been a customer from the very beginning,” Sable said. “He’s been in here working with me every morning for some time now, learning my recipes. I trust him with this. And I already told my wife I’m gonna be back here visiting. I’m gonna miss the customers. I’ve known so many of them for so long.” In his final week of operation, Sable said he rolled out his “greatest hits,” including chicken escarole, Italian wedding, chicken tortilla and the option he said helped cement his moniker, chicken pot pie soup. Over the years, if you strolled too briskly through the borough alleyway that connects the White Street parking lot to Monmouth Street, you could have easily missed the chalkboard listing of the day’s offerings at That Hot Dog Place. Customer Stan Montenaro, exiting the store recently with a cup of spicy sausage soup, described the 175-square-foot kitchen as a “claustrophobic hole-in-the-wall with a stove and a counter.” As they wait their turn in line for soup, sandwiches and hot dogs with sauerkraut, the lunch crowd banter is about new soup ideas, recently released rock n’ roll movies “Bohemian Rhapsody” and “Rocket Man,” and Sable’s two favorite teams, the New York Jets and New York Yankees. It’s more than chitchat, it’s a relationship developed over years and the thought of cutting these ties brought a tear to Sable’s eye.center_img Known as the “Soupmeister,” Sable has operated a Red Bank eatery named That Hot Dog Place since 1995, but recently sold the business to borough resident Steve DeAngelo. DeAngelo officially took the reins of the business Aug. 29 and will operate under a new name, Soul Sandwich. But Sable said most of the menu will remain intact. After pondering the recipe for weeks, Sable said he was losing sleep over how to perfect the crust. “You can’t have chicken pot pie without a good crust. How the hell am I gonna get a good crust on this soup?” Sable said. “So my wife, who doesn’t cook ver y much, she says, ‘Why don’t you make the crust on the side and serve it in a cup.’ Perfect! It’s like why didn’t you tell me this sooner? She goes, ‘You never asked me.’ That idea really helped make this place,” Sable said. “My wife is wondering why I want to come back and visit once or twice a month. And it’s because I’ve known some of these people for 25 years and honestly it’s going to be hard not to see them. That’s the toughest part of this whole situation,” Sable said. “When I think about it, there’s not one person who comes here that I don’t like. Before this, when I owned a bar, there were a hundred people I didn’t like. But here, not one.” When the shop officially rebrands as Soul Sandwich, Sable said he plans to retain his reputation as a maestro of the culinary mélange, but for a new clientele. But what has truly helped That Hot Dog Place sustain its clientele is the engaging personality of the Soupmeister himself. “Making soup is my passion and if I can use that to help out some of my community members then I’m happy to do it,” Sable said. “Besides that, I’ll have a full schedule of picking up my grandson from school and watching after him.”last_img read more

City Soccer Leagues idle until stretch run begins

first_imgLily Whites, Innkeepers, Club Inter and Jackson’s Hole are the top teams after the first half of the Nelson City Soccer League.Nelson City Soccer is currently taking a short break until resuming play in a few weeks.Lily Whites outlasted Red Dog and Dirty Dozen for the first half title in the Finley’s Ladies Rec League.The Whites edged Dirty Dozen 4-1 to complete the 12-game schedule with a 7-3-2 and a four-point advantage over Red Dog and Dirty Dozen, deadlocked for second spot.Selkirk Eyecare finished fourth. In the Leo’s Men’s Open League, Innkeepers made it look easy as the defending league champs cruised to a 9-1 record and a 13-point advantage over Kootenay Co-op.The L.V. Rogers Bombers finished third, two points in front of Old Dogs FC.Club Inter dropped only four points in the first half of the Jackson’s Hole Men’s Masters League.Club Inter finished with a 9-1-2 mark, good enough for a five-point advantage over defending playoff champ, Jackson’s Hole.Bia Boro is third followed by Red Dog, Ted Allen’s and Real Nelson.Jackson’s Hole lost only two games to dominate the Bogustown Co-ed standings over Bogustown.Jackson’s finished with a 7-2-1 record, eight points in front of Bogustown.Free Ride and Ted Allen’s finished tied for third.last_img read more

Nelson skaters look to sharpen routines in Rossland

first_imgSTAR 4 13&O – Courtney Shrieves, Morgan SaboSTAR 5 U13 – Charly DeFouwSTAR 5 13&O – Breanna TomilinInterpretive Events:Pre-Introductory Interpretive – Charly DeFouwIntroductory Interpretive – Morgan SaboBronze Interpretive – Breanna TomilinDance Solo Events:Jr. Bronze Dance Solo – Lila McKechnieSr. Bronze Dance Solo – Courtney ShrievesSr. Silver Dance Solo – Christina Champlin, Breanna TomilinElements Events:Elements 1 – Helena Keating, Isabella Kroker-Kimber, Morgan SaboElements 2 – Charly DeFouw, Breanna TomilinFor more info and photos visit nelsonfigureskatingclub.ca Free Skate Events:STAR 1 – Aurora Panko-Dool, Lulu Nyiti, Courtney DonaldsonSTAR 2-Tia Berens, Leo Measures, Lila McKechnie, Helena Keating, Hannah CorvenSTAR 3 – Isabella Kroker-Kimber A slate 14 of competitors the Nelson Figure Skating Club will test their mettle this weekend at the West Kootenay Invitational in Rossland.The meet marks the second major competition in the Kootenay Region giving skaters another opportunity to have their performances rated by a team of judges. In addition many skaters will be attempting to pass Dance and Elements Test.“Our senior skaters are looking to improve on their scores from the East Kootenay Invitational in Kimberley this past November,” said coach Sarah Gower.“They’re building towards hitting their peaks for the STARSkate Super Senior Series Final in Kelowna this March where provincial champions at all levels will be crowned.”For those skaters competing at STAR 4 and over their marks will also count towards qualifying for the Provincial Development Camp later this year.“The is the busiest time of the season,” adds coach Yoshie Measures.  “We have kids working on freeskate and interpretive programs as well as taking tests. For our younger skaters Rossland will be their first taste of what a competition is like.”last_img read more

Mallard’s Team of the Week – Nelson Toyota

first_imgNelson Toyota rans the table to capture the 2017 West Kootenay Men’s Basketball League Championship with a convincing win over Northport, Wash., in the final. Nelson Toyota, which defeated city rival Kootenay Lake Electric and Empire Coffee during preliminary playoff round action, scored early and often en route to dominating Northport 75-38.Mallard’s Source for sports would like to honour the lads with Team of the Week status.The team includes, Amos Tanguay, Brody Blair, Andre LaPlante, Derek Youngblutt, Adrian Ramos, Jeremy Phelan, Jon Ramos and Mike Vance.last_img read more

SFA Tests Fifth-Ranked Texas in Opening Round of NCAA Tournament

first_imgSET ONE | #5 Texas 25, SFA 14• Thanks to some early errors by the nation’s fifth overall seed in the NCAA Tournament, the Ladyjacks got their hands on an early lead. • Texas committed a trio of unforced attack errors as well as a service error to help SFA jump out to a 6-3 lead on the nation’s biggest stage. McKenzie Brewer added one of her two service aces during that opening run for good measure. • The Ladyjacks’ lead, however, proved to be short lived. 2018 Big 12 Player of the Year Micaya White and 2018 Big 12 Freshman of the Year Logan Eggleston each pounded down a pair of kills during a 7-2 run by the Longhorns that handed the home team a 10-8 lead. • Out of a media timeout after the Longhorns opened up a 15-9 lead, SFA used a kill and an ace from Coleman to fuel a 4-2 run that cut the Texas lead down to 17-13. • White took over for the Longhorns down the stretch, adding another trio of terminations during Texas’ 8-1 run to close out the frame. • The Longhorns totaled 17 terminations and hit .364 in the frame while SFA amassed only five kills. SET TWO | #5 Texas 25, SFA 17• Once again, the Ladyjacks were able to get the upper hand early on. Daron and Makenzee Hanna teamed up for a block on the set’s first point while Xariah Williams chipped in a kill to keep SFA ahead 2-1. • An 8-2 response from Texas, however, helped the home team take the lead for the rest of the set. White hammered down three more kills in that surge while Yaazie Bedart-ghani added another two. • Twice SFA managed to pull within three points but each time the Ladyjacks did so Texas answered with runs of 4-0 and 4-1 to regain control. • Texas hit .375 in the middle set and turned in 18 kills. For SFA, Xariah Williams powered down four of the the team’s nine kills in the set. SET THREE | #5 Texas 25, SFA 21• With their backs against the wall, the Ladyjacks again came out as the aggressors and claimed an early 6-4 lead behind kills from Daron, Makenzee Hannaand Hollas. • Anyia Williams’ lone termination of the set kept SFA in front 8-7 but Eggleston starred in a key stretch for the Longhorns that allowed the home team to jump in front for good. She finished with three kills in Texas’ 5-1 run that gave the Longhorns a 12-9 lead. • SFA continued to fight until the bitter end, cutting the Longhorns’ lead down to one point on two occasions. Consecutive kills from Hollas and Coleman made the Texas lead 18-17 before Texas went on a 5-1 run to take a 23-18 lead. • The Ladyjacks generated 12 of their 26 kills in the final frame and held the Longhorns to 14 kills on a .265 attack percentage. KEY PERFORMERS/STATISTICS OF NOTE• SFA hit .063 in the match with Hollas providing team-highs in both assists and digs. Texas hit .336 – the highest single-match attack percentage by an SFA opponent in 2018 .• The Ladyjacks also saw their nation-leading 11-match winning streak in true road matches come to an end Thursday. Heading into their match against Texas, SFA was the only team in the nation that had not lost a true road match in 2018. • Brewer concluded her career on a great run from the service line. Through the last four matches, the senior turned in a total of 11 aces through 13 sets played which translated to an average of 0.85 aces per set. • Brewer, Coleman, Hanna and Peyton Redmond all played in their final matches in an SFA uniform. SFA’s four seniors helped the Ladyjacks return to the NCAA Tournament after a 12-year hiatus. • SFA established new program records for wins in a season (32), consecutive wins (29) and winning percentage in a season (.914) during its memorable 2018 campaign. • Eggleston put in a match-high 14 termination while hitting .591 for Texas. White added 12 kills while Bedart-ghani finished with 11. What a run. What a season. What a team. #AxeEm pic.twitter.com/tcESZpIloT— Ladyjacks Volleyball (@SFA_Volleyball) November 30, 2018 QUOTABLESFA head coach Debbie Humphreys on the match | “It’s been a wonderful opportunity getting to play. Certainly getting to come into this environment and play somebody the caliber of Texas was something we were really excited about and that experience did not disappoint us in the least. I’m very pleased with our team’s performance. I thought we fought well, I thought we served tough and I thought to the very end we just kept trying to put as much pressure on the Longhorns as we possible could. Just the season as a whole for us has been an amazing ride and there is four months worth of emotions in here ready to come out at any moment.”…on the challenges that Texas presented | “I don’t know if you noticed, but they (Texas) play the game a lot higher above the net than we do. When you get to this level that really is the difference. I think we’re as good of defensive team, we do some things just as well. I mean we’re as good of a serving team, there are a lot of areas of our game that are just as good as theirs. But the size factor becomes an issue when you start talking about volleyball and we don’t have anybody that jumps as high as a lot of their players do or touches as high so we’re getting a lot of balls hit at us from a lot of different angles that we’re not seeing on a regular basis and they all have got a lot of pace on them. We’re digging balls with pace but not coming from those kind of angles. I think that’s the biggest difference. They’ve got great players, we’ve got good solid players as well, but we just are just not playing the game as high above the net.”…on receiving the draw against Texas in the opening round of the NCAA Tournament | “We’ve come here three times for the NCAA tournament and we’ve played them in spring matches. We’re very aware of what they bring to the table and what caliber of team they are. We just looked at it as a wonderful opportunity because we do know that upsets happen in sports and the only opportunity you have to get that upset is to get out there and leave everything you got out on the court. Unfortunately, for us it wasn’t enough but I feel very good with our performance because I literally believe we left all we had out there.”…on where the 2018 season ranks as a whole | “We’ve had some good seasons and this one ranks right up there near the top. You don’t go into a season thinking, ‘Let’s go win 29 games in a row’. You just go in trying to get a little bit better each day, trying to improve, trying to get ready for whatever is next. You take it one match at a time and then all of a sudden you look up and you’re on this crazy win streak and the media and everyone is talking about it. We’re not talking about it, we’re just focused on who’s next. For us, the only reason we know we’re on that kind of win streak is because you guys kept telling us. For us, it was just about who do we have this week and we would prepare one week at a time and get ready ready for the matches that were taking place that week, and try to get a little better every single week. This group, they were very gritty. When the stage was big, when we had some big conference matches or opportunities before conference play started to play some teams we knew could help our RPI, we showed up in the big moments and that was probably the thing that stands out the most about this team. Showing up in the big moments and we were able to go into our bench if somebody was struggling, we were able to go to that depth. We had a little bit more depth than we’ve ever had before.”SFA senior Haley Coleman on overall experience of getting to play in the NCAA tournament | “I think this is what we worked for all season, we wanted to end up in the NCAA tournament. I think it’s really cool that we got to play inside Gregory Gym, it’s the gym you grow up wanting to play in so that’s a great experience.”SFA junior Danae Daron on showing a lot of fight in the third set and if that’s the mentality of the team | “I just feel like we knew that it could be our last set, so might as well be our best set.”SFA junior Ann Hollas on showing a lot of fight in the third set | “Being a gritty team has been one of our mottos throughout the season. We’ve always kept fighting no matter the score, we just take it one point at a time.” AUSTIN, Texas – One of the best seasons in the history of SFA volleyball came to an end Thursday night at Gregory Gym as the Ladyjacks dropped a 3-0 decision to fifth-ranked Texas in the opening round of the NCAA Tournament. Senior Haley Coleman finished with a team-high seven terminations in her final collegiate match while junior middle blocker Danae Daron added five kills and a team-high three blocks for the Ladyjacks. Senior setter McKenzie Brewer registered two of SFA’s three service aces and junior setter Ann Hollas delivered a 16-assist, 11-dig double-double. SFA’s loss put an end to the nation’s longest winning streak. Headed into their opening round NCAA Tournament showdown against the Longhorns, the Ladyjacks had won their previous 29 matches dating back to Saturday, Sept. 1. “We’ve had some good seasons & this one ranks right up there near the top.” HC Debbie HumphreysThe journey may have ended for SFA at #5 Texas Thursday in the @NCAAVolleyball Tournament, but a 32-3 record with 29-straight wins is special. #AxeEm?? | https://t.co/rJ9ViKqcKp pic.twitter.com/j2CMJf6zMc— Ladyjacks Volleyball (@SFA_Volleyball) November 30, 2018last_img read more

Tony Minatta Named SFA Women’s Soccer Head Coach

first_imgCourtesy of SFA Athletics Media RelationsNACOGDOCHES, Texas – SFA Director of Athletics Ryan Ivey has announced the hiring of Tony Minatta as the new Ladyjacks head soccer coach. The buzz around the NCAA soccer community”I have a ton of respect for Tony and how he runs his teams with great integrity. During his time in the Big 12 you always knew his teams would be ready to play and battle for 90 minutes. I am excited for him and it’s a great hire for SFA.”- Paul Jobson, Baylor Head Coach Minatta takes over the SFA program after a six-year stint as the head coach at Iowa State.Statement from SFA AD, Ryan Ivey”After an extensive national search, Tony quickly became our top target. He’s a great fit for the Nacogdoches community and our institution as we continue to strive to be the leading mid-major athletics department.” Statement from Tony Minatta”I would like to thank Dr. Scott Gordan, Athletic Director Ryan Ivey, and the search committee for providing me with this incredible opportunity. I am very inspired by the vision that Ryan Ivey has for SFA athletics, as well as the winning tradition and foundation that has been built with the women’s soccer program. I have followed the Ladyjacks soccer program from a distance since joining collegiate coaching, having Wally continue to serve as a mentor will be invaluable in continuing to move the program forward.  I cannot wait to get working with Ashley, Chance, JD, the rest of the staff, the athletic department and most importantly the incredible student athletes that are a part of the program. I look forward to embracing the Nacogdoches community and working hard to have the women’s soccer program represent SFA in a positive way both on and off the field.” “Tony has such integrity and drive in everything he does. I have no doubt that he will impact the players and program in a big way.”- Bryan Blitz, Missouri Head Coach “SFA has made a great hire in Tony Minatta to lead its women’s soccer program. He is a grinder who has recruited and coached at the highest levels of college soccer. More importantly, Tony knows how to treat and motivate the student-athletes in his program to be their best. He is well respected in the soccer community for how he runs his program and will push SFA soccer to even higher levels on success on and off the field.”- Danny Sanchez, Colorado Head Coach “I’m so happy for Tony to be chosen as the new leader of Lumberjack women’s soccer. His passion and investment towards his players and their development as people is second only to his joy for the game of soccer and life. It’s that infectious personality that will be recognized very quickly by his players and create a supportive, collaborative culture almost immediately. I wish he and the program all the success. “- David Diianni, Iowa Head Coach “What a great hire for SFA Soccer! Tony Minatta’s experience recruiting the top-level players and his high tactical soccer IQ will be a tremendous asset for this program. This is a statement hire for SFA as to their support of Women’s Soccer to go out and get a coach of Tony’s caliber!”- Tom Stone, Texas Tech Head Coach “Tony is a tremendous hire for SFA!  He is an excellent teacher of the game who is passionate about providing his players a first-class experience. He is also a man of high character who is a great leader. I look forward to watching him lead SFA to new heights.”- Karen Hoppa, Auburn Head Coachlast_img read more


first_imgEdwin Maldonado69 13 17 Martin Garcia60 9 7 Richard Baltas69 43% $387,073 8 Kent Desormeaux63 14 5 LERNER FILLY MAKES GRADED STAKES DEBUTIppodamia’s Girl makes her graded stakes debut in the Grade III Wilshire Saturday, and trainer Andrew Lerner feels the four-year-old daughter of Stormy Atlantic shows signs that she deserves the chance.“She’s been training really well,” he said. “We were going to go in the Gamely but didn’t want to possibly face Vasilika. My filly had a nice work yesterday (five furlongs in 1:00.80) and I think she’s come out of her last race better than she went into it.”That would be an overnight race May 5 in which she led throughout at a mile on turf.   Trained by Bill Morey before that victory, Ippodamia’s Girl will be ridden by Norberto Arroyo Jr. in the Wilshire, which also is expected to attract defending champion Storm the Hill (Rafael Bejarano) and Don’t Blame Judy (Victor Espinoza).CONSISTENT ZAFFINAH IN POSSIBLY PERFECT STAKESZaffinah has more than paid her way in 14 United States starts, picking up checks in four graded stakes. Tomorrow, she tries for her first victory here in an added money event taking on seven rivals in the $75,000 Possibly Perfect Stakes for fillies and mares three and up at 1 ¼ miles on turf.The five-year-old Irish-bred mare is coming off two solid seconds, in the Grade III Santa Ana at Santa Anita March 30 and the restricted Golden Poppy at Golden Gate Fields April 27.Overall, she has a 3-5-4 record from 17 starts with earnings of $206,222.“A good trip always helps and her last trip was fine, although she didn’t seem to take to the turf course at Golden Gate,” said Jack Carava, who trains her for Red Baron’s Barn LLC and Rancho Temescal LLC. “I think she likes the shorter, faster courses.“She was kind of slipping and not getting a hold of it well at Golden Gate, but she still ran well, and I think the filly that beat her (Simply Breathless, trained by Neil Drysdale) is a pretty nice horse.“Zaffinah just has to get the right trip. She had a rough trip against Vasilika when third in the Megahertz (on Jan. 21). She didn’t get a chance to run when she really wanted to.”The field: Zaffinah, Norberto Arroyo Jr., 5-2; Pantsonfire, Flavien Prat, 2-1; Confidentially, Evin Roman, 12-1; Mirth, Martin Garcia, 8-1; Lynne’s Legacy, Alonso Quinonez, 5-1; Pulpit Rider, Aaron Gryder, 8-1; Siberian Irish, Rafael Bejarano, 12-1; and Lemoona, Mario Gutierrez, 7-2.MANDATORY RAINBOW PICK SIX JACKPOT COULD HIT $5 MILLIONThe beat goes on but it will end on closing day, June 23.For the 30th consecutive racing day, Santa Anita’s popular 20 cent Single Ticket Rainbow Pick Six remained elusive Friday, resulting in a Jackpot carryover into Saturday of $1,194,985.With a CHRB-approved mandatory payout set, it’s expected Sunday’s total Jackpot pool could easily reach $5 million.Friday’s Rainbow Six generated $147,155 in “new” money, helping to create a total Rainbow Six pool of $1,308,449.Although there was No Single Ticket Jackpot winner, there were 53 consolation tickets with six winners, each worth $1,476.30.Approximate post time for today’s fourth race, leg one in the Rainbow Six, is 2:31 p.m.HALL OF FAME RIDERS HONOR PEERS AT JOCKEYS AND JEANS FUNDRAISERFifteen Hall of Fame riders are expected to attend the sixth annual Jockeys and Jeans Fundraiser benefitting the Permanently Disabled Jockeys Fund at Santa Anita on Saturday, June 22. They will be there to honor the seven permanently disabled riders who attend, mix and mingle with attendees, and sign autographs.Braulio Baeza, Steve Cauthen, Kent Desormeaux, Victor Espinoza, Pat Day, Earlie Fires, Sandy Hawley, Julie Krone, Chris McCarron, Donald Pierce, Laffit Pincay, Jr., Alex Solis, Mike Smith, Bobby Ussery and Jorge Velasquez are scheduled to be on hand.There will be a free autograph signing from 11:15 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. in the Paddock Gardens area and a free Silent Auction for all on-track fans from 11 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. adjacent to the autograph signing area.Tickets starting at $65 are on sale at https://www.santaanita.com. Walk-up tickets will be available. It includes a Chandelier Room party during the races featuring a buffet and a specialty drink.Fans can also participate in an on line auction for valuable memorabilia at this website link: https://www.32auctions.com/www32auctionscomJockeyFor more information contact Jockeys and Jeans VP Marketing Eddie Donnally at (818) 653-3711 edjockeysandjeansy@gmail.com or Alexis Garske, Santa Anita Media Relations at  Alexis.Garske@santaanita.com (626) 574-6413FINISH LINES: Shoemaker Mile winner Bolo, ticketed for a turf stakes at Del Mar, worked four furlongs this morning in 49 flat for Carla Gaines with former jockey Goncalino Almeida in the irons. In all, there were 202 recorded workouts, 48 on the training track . . . With five racing days remaining in the spring portion of the current meet, Flavien Prat holds a 26-19 lead over fellow jockeys Joe Talamo and Tiago Pereira, while among trainers, Doug O’Neill leads Richard Baltas, 22-17 . . . Premium Father’s Day packages are available at Santa Anita tomorrow including a trackside BBQ event and a FrontRunner & Turf Terrace & Club Court Buffet. For further information, visit santaanita.com/events . . . Congrats to the XBTV All Stars on picking a winning Stronach 5 ticket yesterday worth $496 on a $54 ticket.LATEST CONTENT FROM XBTV: Oliver (Outside) and Seeking Refuge works 4 furlongs. 6-14-19 (O’Neill)Reedley (Outside) and Victory Element works 4 furlongs. 6-14-19 (Baffert)Emtech (Outside) and Rapport worked 4 furlongs. 6-14-19 (Callaghan)Richard Mandella gives an update on Omaha Beach after returning to Santa Anita Park.Shedrow Stroll: Phil D’Amato’s Turf Sprinter Master Ryan. 6-13-19Shedrow Stroll: Phil D’Amato’s King Abner. 6-13-19Shedrow Stroll: Phil D’Amato’s Stakes Winner Lombo. 6-13-19Shedrow Stroll: Phil D’Amato’s Veteran Kenjisstorm. 6-13-19XBTV Saturday: What to Watch for at Santa Anita Park on June 15th, 2019XBTV Sunday: What to Watch for at Santa Anita Park on June 16th, 2019Quick Questions: With Trainer Dan Blacker. 6-13-19Roadster (Inside) and Kingly worked 4 furlongs. 6-12-19 (Baffert)Paradise Woods works 4 furlongs. 6-12-19 (Sherriffs)  (Current from April 12 through Friday, June 14) 26 52% Victor Espinoza53 5 23% 19% 16 20 Win% 21% 46% 8 $1,326,829 Geovanni Franco89 Tiago Pereira121 $798,131 IPPODAMIA’S GIRL STEPS UP IN THE GRADE III WILSHIRE 13 11 Mark Glatt71 TrainerMts 9 5 6 49% $1,076,497 Richard Mandella26 J. Keith Desormeaux28 19 JockeyMts 11 44% $775,570 17 7 Money Won 5 23% Aaron Gryder76 9 24% 17 14 Bob Baffert31 3 17 Steve Knapp31 17% 8 43% 50% 3 16% $512,460 18% $951,184 7 18% Flavien Prat114 9 37% 23% 7 $785,324 13 51% 20 5 47% Win% Andrew Lerner14 0 $581,395 5 52% 48% Jerry Hollendorfer48 23% CONSISTENT ZAFFINAH IS SET FOR POSSIBLY PERFECT 20% 48% $343,522 3rd Jorge Velez54 14 11 William Spawr21 10 $584,580 52% 11 12 13 45% 23% 5 6 24% ITM% 18% 13% 24 15% $977,979 4 13 6 SANTA ANITA STATISTICScenter_img 58% 7 2nd $212,456 2nd 7 Martin Pedroza40 1st 14 $1,120,737 Leonard Powell24 13 49% 16% Drayden Van Dyke95 42% Joseph Talamo106 19% $1,165,038 12 $603,585 54% 13% $240,807 18 15 57% 5 7 Money Won John Sadler62 Norberto Arroyo, Jr.49 Steven Miyadi25 8 John Shirreffs21 25% $980,853 Philip D’Amato72 $166,653 63% 5 ITM% 6 5 8 $524,872 4 8 MANDATORY SOLO TICKET JACKPOT MAY HIT $5 MILLION 42% 15 13 $298,719 $757,767 22 10 74% 8 $515,413 5 5 8 19% Mario Gutierrez64 18% 16% 12 $732,476 1 1 50% 50% 1st 6 60% 4 12% Vladimir Cerin43 17 16% 20 26 48% 19 19 $259,604 $302,092 $621,920 15 16% Ruben Fuentes108 3rd 21% 6 9% 3 52% $1,097,221 2 7 49% Rafael Bejarano120 8 25% 8 4 Doug O’Neill96 49% 6 13 $1,918,769 58% 50% $258,075 7 37% $194,167 5 23% 15 $273,853last_img read more

Holmes still in doubt for Sharks

first_imgHolmes was tipped to be the man to replace Ben Barba following the premiership-winner’s defection to French rugby, but a hamstring injury picked up in the trials has scuttled those plans for the time being. The Queensland hopeful didn’t play in his side’s season-opening loss to the Broncos last week, with Sharks coach Shane Flanagan cautious about rushing him back too soon. “He’d be very close, very close to playing,” Flanagan said on Thursday night after the loss. “The only concern that we have is the high-speed running that Val does. We’ll be pushing him as far as we can, but it’s a long season and I want to make sure he’s 100 per cent right rather than 95. “I’d be shooting myself if he came back and injured himself and was out for a long period of time. It’s one of those things where we want to get it right, but if he’s not 100 per cent then we won’t play him.”With Holmes out injured, Gerard Beale made the most of his opportunity in the No.1 jersey, scoring a try and setting another one up against the side he debuted with back in 2009.It was the first time Beale had played fullback for the Sharks, and the first time he’d filled the role at club level since Round 26, 2014. Having played centre, wing and off the bench in 2016, the Kiwis international relished the chance to reacquaint himself with the more hands-on role, but was circumspect when asked if he wanted the jersey on a permanent basis. “I haven’t thought too far ahead. My main focus is concentrating on the now and what I can control,” he said. “I’m playing fullback now and I want to make the most of it. I enjoy the position, but in saying that, we’ve got a lot of depth at the club. Quite a few players could easily play fullback.”Rather than view him as competition, Beale said he was excited to see Holmes back on the training paddock, but he couldn’t shed any light as to when the speedster might make his return. “It was good to see him out there today,” Beale said. “I know he’s itching to play, that’s for sure, but I’m not sure where he stands or how far away he is. He was running around and enjoying himself which was good to see.”last_img read more